Really???? Does she still really get that Credit for that??? Weak Ass!!

So, you know I had to do it…… Media blew up yesterday with the story of how FORMER Destinys Child member Farrah Franklin was arrested in Myrtle Beach the morning of 07/20/14…. (Get the Full Story via: Straight From The A)

Farrah Mug 1


Now here is my piece! First of all she was in the group for 17.5 seconds and she left quicker than it took her to join! Why does she still get the privilege of being attached to the group name? Okay, on one hand she was a member! However, on the other hand, she wasn’t there long enough to do a Full Media Run! Mind You, she’s a Hoodratt and I think she does it for attention. Isn’t this the same bytch who was arrested a lil while back as well??? In case you forgot:

Farrah Mug 2

Like REALLY???? Clearly she’s lonely and a attention whore. She has no career! No Life! No Follow Up! No Chance! No Fallback! No Friends! And, No Class! Who behaves as such in Myrtle Beach with Football Players???? Babeeeeeee, let me hadda (yes hadda) been down there! It woulda been Football, Playball, Play with Balls, and any other kind of Ball I could get my hands on….. Yesssssssss Motha!

All in all, your girlfriend needs some guidance. Maybe she can do some hooks for some indie Artist and re-build a new Foundation….. Ooh, or call LaTavia and form a Duo entitled “We Back!” 

Whatever the case may be, stop allowing this ratchet to get the privilege of being attached to the Destinys Child name! Let’s refer to her as the former “Stand In of Destinys Past!!!!!”


Look Back: When Farrah had a Life


#MusicReview on “MajorLyric”

Now, Mind you! You already know we keeps it REAL. This is a first for us. Music group “Major Lyric” submitted themselves and stated they wanted to be Slammed!!!!! We asked if they were SURE??? The advised “Yes!”




Well, here it is! First off how do you expect for someone to take you serious when your artwork looks like PhotoShop for Dummies?” If the Visual isn’t in order are we really suppose to think you care about your produc?. And, don’t nobody be like “they may not have the money!” That is BULL because I have seen a lot of FREE Album Artwork that looks of Quality.

Secondly, What are you rapping about? I promise you every song sounded the same! It seemed like 1 Long ass TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Save Me!!!!!! The Beats aren’t Catchy. The Lyrics aren’t totally Clear. I get it erbody wants to be Twista but, damn can the clarity be there????

The first track “Do it Major” has a beat that is so simple it made me want to run away. What are you doing Major because by the looks of that art work you doing it Struggle not Major! The Lyrics….. Um, I forgot what you said just that quick so you know they hold no weight. Mind You! Why is there mad added effects and ad-lives???? There is a such thing as TOO MUCH!

The track “I Mean That” ummmmmm, it’s not even your. You’re just on it…… Don’t do that because now I gotta talk about how the track sounds like something that was submitted to Cash Money Hot Boys in 1996 and didn’t make the Record…… Ugh SAVE ME!!!!!!!!

The track “Shake” aggravates me because the beat sounds so Polyphonic like a Ringtone from 1996. Then the added sound effects lost me. Is this a song or a demo reel for sound effects.

The track entitled “Chevy” was almost okay until I realized it was 2014 and not 2004. I swear this 16 minute compilation was so annoying. I really just want my 16 minutes of life back!

Dear Artist: Tho the game is open for anyone, please come with some Originality and a Sound, Look, Brand that draws the end user in. Don’t be just making songs cuz ur lying ass friends told you you can rap or sing.

All in All this is a Slam FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Write, Re-Write, then Re-Write again. Once you finish that Throw it away because its a No Go…….. If I am FORCED to pick a Fav… Ummmmmmmm!!!!!! I think “Chevy” would get the Most Traction of all…..

Take a Listen for Yourself:

Mosuay Hitz & Royalities

I see you have a few Followers so someone likes it…….

So, She REALLY Think She can Come Back????? Gurl BYE!!!!!!

All I gotta say is this past weekend was Filled with So Much!!!!! This Submission had us All in Tears, so we had to share it with you. We all have been hearing the word on the beat about Female Emcee Remy Ma (Remy Ma Bio) Coming back to the Game upon her Upcoming Release from Jail!

Well this Video has come back to the Surface!!!!!!

Now tho this video is somewhat old, the post from the weekend is on a whole nother level!!!!! Check out what this IG page had to say:

Post from someones IG page that set the "Can she Come Back" convo into a Stir!
Post from someones IG page that set the “Can she Come Back” convo into a Stir!

Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, This is the whole TRUTH and Nothing but the TRUTH. Let’s state the Facts:

Remy Ma was Sentenced to 8 Years (Remy Ma Catch Up) which started in 2007. This puts us on Year 7 of 8. Since then, Nicki Minaj (Nicki on Twitter) has re-defined Female Rap for Pop Culture (to a degree), Lil Kim (Lil Kim on Twitter) is Still the Queen, Azealia Banks (Azealia on Twitter) is a In-Da-Streets Rap Phenom, Iggy Azaela (Iggy on Twitter) is beginning a new Campaign that is of a Mega Caliber and then there is Remy. With all this said can Remy hit the Studio upon Release?????

One thing for sure, two things for certain, Remy Ma has Bars and no one can take that away from her. However considering the drastic change in Pop Culture and Music overall in the time she has been gone leads one to wonder if she can make a come back. Let’s call a spade a spade, she looks a mess. Her style was never there. She is viewed as one of the homies. The crew she was with Terror Squad (Terror Squad Roster), where dey been? I mean No Shade but, Fat Joe den got Skinny! Cuban Link den missed a Link! Tony Sunshine den met the Moon! Triple Seis, Who? Huh? Ummmm, Yeah Exactly. And, DJ Khaled, I mean he got his whole “We Da Best Movement!” Oh yeah, Prospect and Armageddon, do they ever count? I mean, Really! There isn’t even nobody to ride off of unless Khaled decides to be Nice, which I doubt!

So how bout in all fairness, I went to the old Terror Squad website of which now Links you to Motown…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! You don’t even have a Domain Anymore….. To be nice I googled and came up with (Terror Squad Archive) which hasn’t been updated since 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Night! Good Day! No Way! And, Close Curtain! Baby, there is no current record of your Squad. The Domain Name is GONE and the last item dropped was in 2004. Not only is your Career an Archive so is all it was Attached to…… My advice, get out, ask Nicki for a Feature and see what Traction you can get from that….

Not to say She can’t Come Back! But it will Take DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Tyler Perry, Oprah, T.I, Iggy, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Justin Beiber, MTV, BET, TvOne, RevoltTV, Puffy Mike Will Made It, Beyonce’, Jay Z, Blue Ivy, North West, Kanye, and a Prayer of all Prayers for that Come Back to Pop Off!!!!!!! What do you Think?




Who Da Fukk Said She Was Fashionable????

Listen Linda, Listen Linda, Listen!!!!! Now you know I gotta keep it real…. I vow to tell the Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth!!!!!!! Thanks to whomever Submitted these….

If a Picture is worth 1000 Words we will Start Here:

Seven4Mind You, so Seven Streeter is suppose to be the Hottest thing on the Scene right now and she is allegedly storming the world of Fashion? I have one question: WHERE???????? In the Above Displayed image she gives a HUGE Shoutout to her Glam and Styling Team and proceeds to shout them out by Name!!!!!!!!!! Every Stylist that contributed to these looks should have been handed a Pink Slip. She look the Fools. Going left to Right: Look 1 gives me Bangy Stripper Trying to Class it up. Look 2 gives me Street Gymnist who forgot her Sneakers at home cuz she was late to Practice…. On top of that is it me or is this outfit stuck in 1998 when Brandy was Sitting on Top of the World?? Then we get to look number 3 which I am assuming was an attempt at Couture but came out looking CouDont! This uneven bland piece of cloth looks like she hopped out the shower to answer the door! Gurl BYE!!!!!!!! Lastly We have this Skintastic dress that shows off her AMAZING Shape combined with the Snatchback you put in after Gym Class. Gurl what is This????? The dress is a tad bit Basic on its own but then to add a Snatchback you really gave me Junior Prom Teas when funds were tight!!!!!!! Stop…… This was BET Awards Weekend, I anticipated a Show Up and Show Out! Chile, she Showed Up and got Put Out in these non constructed ass Outfits…. But that ain’t my Business tho!!!!!!!!

Wait tho, then the Fans Proceed to LIE….. (See Below)

Sevens Fans Lie to her about that Off ass Style
Sevens Fans Lie to her about that Off ass Style

No Shade Seven, you got Likes Get Back Bootz! But along with those Likes you got Lies for Days!!!!! I know we all support the Stars we Love, but you should Love them enough to be Truthful…. She didn’t look Amazing! The White Outfit is NOTHING ot Love, and Side Note Gurl; DON’T Nobody cares that you two Share Birthdays! Have Several Seats! At least the Last Person was partially Truthful. Her Legs are Killen em!!!!!! A Moment of Silence for the Fashion Fail!!!

Now, if BET Awards weekend wasn’t bad enough!!!!! Here comes this:


GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is NOT Halloween, please tell me why she is Channeling her Inner Morticia Addams????

Morticia AddamsNo Shade Seven, I LIVES for me an All Black Effect but this is a All Black Fail….. And that WIG……………… Babeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I know you got enough of an Advance to get you some Malaysian Remy…… Help Her Lawd………

I’m gonna let it go at this moment, but before i’m done……. True Slam, is it Me or do they have on the Same Color MAC ‘Viva Glam Rihana’ Lipstick (See Below)

Is that MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Red they got on?
Is that MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Red they got on?

But that ain’t my Business Tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -TrueSlamBook


Keyshia Cole Back On Air

K Cole 2As i’m sure you know the RnB Donstress Keyshia Cole is back on the Air Waves with her New Single(s). As we catch up on her progress check out the overview from “ThisIsRnB” Keyshia Cole Post via: ThisIsRnB

Now you know I got my opinion…. No Shade to Ms. Keyshia cuz you know I lives for me a Bangy Hood Bytch from Oakland, but mind you, this morning 07/02/14 she appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and she sounded like she was madddddd depressed….. I mean, the World knew Booby was Cheating and she seemed to be the last to find out, then she goes through the horrid break up, takes a break from doing interviews, allegedly comes for Queen Bey, gets mad at her family, and expected the world to remain silent???? Chile boo.

In any case, this morning Charlamagne Tha God asked her if she was “Truly Happy currently” and she got all kinds of MUTE. Thank Gosh for Angela Yee as she hopped in and cleaned it up with a swift “I know you must be happier now than you were in previous months” or something to that effect. Forget the Happiness girl, I need you miserable so I can get some good music out of you. That last happy ass album annoyed my life in the worse way. Chile, you can barely sing so to be Happy and try and Sing is def a No Go!!!!! Now with songs like “She” and “N*iggaz Like You” I am ready to hear her Crying ass Cry some-more….. Baby No Shade, No Tea but Keyshia Cole is back and we are ready to see what she does….. (I hope she had some vocal lessons, but that ain’t my business)