#MusicReview on “MajorLyric”

Now, Mind you! You already know we keeps it REAL. This is a first for us. Music group “Major Lyric” submitted themselves and stated they wanted to be Slammed!!!!! We asked if they were SURE??? The advised “Yes!”




Well, here it is! First off how do you expect for someone to take you serious when your artwork looks like PhotoShop for Dummies?” If the Visual isn’t in order are we really suppose to think you care about your produc?. And, don’t nobody be like “they may not have the money!” That is BULL because I have seen a lot of FREE Album Artwork that looks of Quality.

Secondly, What are you rapping about? I promise you every song sounded the same! It seemed like 1 Long ass TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Save Me!!!!!! The Beats aren’t Catchy. The Lyrics aren’t totally Clear. I get it erbody wants to be Twista but, damn can the clarity be there????

The first track “Do it Major” has a beat that is so simple it made me want to run away. What are you doing Major because by the looks of that art work you doing it Struggle not Major! The Lyrics….. Um, I forgot what you said just that quick so you know they hold no weight. Mind You! Why is there mad added effects and ad-lives???? There is a such thing as TOO MUCH!

The track “I Mean That” ummmmmm, it’s not even your. You’re just on it…… Don’t do that because now I gotta talk about how the track sounds like something that was submitted to Cash Money Hot Boys in 1996 and didn’t make the Record…… Ugh SAVE ME!!!!!!!!

The track “Shake” aggravates me because the beat sounds so Polyphonic like a Ringtone from 1996. Then the added sound effects lost me. Is this a song or a demo reel for sound effects.

The track entitled “Chevy” was almost okay until I realized it was 2014 and not 2004. I swear this 16 minute compilation was so annoying. I really just want my 16 minutes of life back!

Dear Artist: Tho the game is open for anyone, please come with some Originality and a Sound, Look, Brand that draws the end user in. Don’t be just making songs cuz ur lying ass friends told you you can rap or sing.

All in All this is a Slam FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Write, Re-Write, then Re-Write again. Once you finish that Throw it away because its a No Go…….. If I am FORCED to pick a Fav… Ummmmmmmm!!!!!! I think “Chevy” would get the Most Traction of all…..

Take a Listen for Yourself:

Mosuay Hitz & Royalities

I see you have a few Followers so someone likes it…….

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