Really???? Does she still really get that Credit for that??? Weak Ass!!

So, you know I had to do it…… Media blew up yesterday with the story of how FORMER Destinys Child member Farrah Franklin was arrested in Myrtle Beach the morning of 07/20/14…. (Get the Full Story via: Straight From The A)

Farrah Mug 1


Now here is my piece! First of all she was in the group for 17.5 seconds and she left quicker than it took her to join! Why does she still get the privilege of being attached to the group name? Okay, on one hand she was a member! However, on the other hand, she wasn’t there long enough to do a Full Media Run! Mind You, she’s a Hoodratt and I think she does it for attention. Isn’t this the same bytch who was arrested a lil while back as well??? In case you forgot:

Farrah Mug 2

Like REALLY???? Clearly she’s lonely and a attention whore. She has no career! No Life! No Follow Up! No Chance! No Fallback! No Friends! And, No Class! Who behaves as such in Myrtle Beach with Football Players???? Babeeeeeee, let me hadda (yes hadda) been down there! It woulda been Football, Playball, Play with Balls, and any other kind of Ball I could get my hands on….. Yesssssssss Motha!

All in all, your girlfriend needs some guidance. Maybe she can do some hooks for some indie Artist and re-build a new Foundation….. Ooh, or call LaTavia and form a Duo entitled “We Back!” 

Whatever the case may be, stop allowing this ratchet to get the privilege of being attached to the Destinys Child name! Let’s refer to her as the former “Stand In of Destinys Past!!!!!”


Look Back: When Farrah had a Life


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