Don’t Make a #Music Video like this and Send it to Me!!!! Why u do that @IvanKalii?

Don’t Judge Me! But, you know I must keep it 100%

We all know we here at #TSB #Support the #Indie #Artist Movement and we will support growth and development in any way we can! However! When you do a Music Video and send it out in a Blast it better be up to Standards. I understand there may not be a budget, but good gosh, just shoot in a Dark Room for that matter!

Let’s Talk: Ivan Kalii! This young man is making his rounds and hitting the Industry with some good music and according to the Ladies of TSB, he’s not bad on the eyes! But, Babeeeeeeeee! When I ever got his recent Video Release “Slim Thick!” I lost my Mind (in a bad way).

Now, to cover himself, he did advise it was a Viral Video! Check it out:

Now, let me give Props where Props are due! I don’t know who “Premeditated Murda Films” is but they did a #Fyre ass video. The Editing Skill put into this Viral Video was Stellar. Also, Shouts to ZaYy Boy, whomever he may be!Though the video aggravated me, he def Directed the Shytt out of it as it was def cohesive to the song!

photo 4

Now, in Tradition of TSB, I must tell the TRUTH and Nothing but the TRUTH…….

First Off, this damn couch aggravated me!

photo 1 (1)


I get it’s a “Viral Video” and All, but Damn son! There was madddddddddd scenes on the Couch. Now, don’t get me wrong the couch is nice! Shout out to the Couch! But, all them scenes on it made me wanna cry. Then the couch is in front of a Blank Ass WALL….. I can appreciate wanting to Keep the Shot Clean but Good Googa Mooga!!!! Can we do a Brick Wall? Or , an Overlay of something! Ahhhhhhhh….

Second! Get into Pic 1 vs. Pic 2:


photo 2 (1)



photo 3 (1)


You see it?????? In case you missed it! In Pic 1, there is a cord of some sort in the right hand corner of the screen next to the couch! In pic 2, it is gone. You see it now???? Right!

Mind You, whoever the hell was in charge of continuity needs to be #Coached. As much as I wanted to enjoy the video, that damn cord kept aggravating my peripheral vision and forcing me to look at it….. I wanted to pause the video and Tweet Ivan to move the damn Cord! Haaaaaaay Ivan! #NoShade

Okay, now here is where I fell out the chair in TEARS! Viewing the video, I liked the lil hallway effect when he keepin it real Swaggy, chillin in the hallway.

photo 4 (1)

But, Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! When that camera ever came out and showed the TRUTH:

photo 2

I was no more Good!!!!!!!! Yaaaassssssssss Bytch Yasssssss, for the Apartment Hallway effect on the Stairs inside the House!!!!!!!!!!!! This ended my whole Lyfe!!!!!!!!!!!

All in All, This video gets a 10 out of 10 for Quality! 9 out of 10 for Visual Story Telling! And, a 2 out of 10 for Viewer Satisfaction! #NoShade #TrueTea

Nevertheless, you know we are still Fans of Ivan Kalii and #Salute the #Movement…. The Ladies of #TSB can’t wait to Meet him… LoL!!!! -TSB

photo 3

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