Aspiring Model LaTrina N. Hunter has something to Say!

You know at TrueSlamBook we love a person who is all about their business. Today while going through emails we found a submission that really spoke to us.

According to they story, Aspiring Model LaTrina Hunter is a female who refuses to #Stop. After modeling for a few years, LaTrina took a few years off as she was fed up with the Bullshytt of the Industry, Flakey Photographers, and the Non-Support of some of her peers.

Refusing to be defeated LaTrine engaged in a photoshoot recently and all we can say is GOOD GAWD!!!!! This young Lady is a Force to be reckoned with.

LaTrina HunterShe is absolutely Beautiful. The poses are great and the Skin is Flawless. We can Officially say #SheDidThat….

The Best part about this shoot is that when LaTrina posted her pictures she provided (2) Powerful captions. She said:

  • “Convince yourself that you’re going to make it. This world is harsh & people will convince you otherwise.”
  • “BE YOU… The world will adjust!”

This is the ABSOLUTE truth. LaTrina took a situation that could have caused her to quit modeling all the way and decided to make her Haters her Motivators…..

Now, you know we gotta keep it real! LaTrina then pulled out her Foxy Brown Catsuit and served you Bytches Pam Grier Teas….. Can You Take her Realnessssssss?






Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssss LaTrina! We See You! Do your thing and continue to show the young girls of this Cold World to always Aspire for their Dreams……. -TSB



Whats the return of Investment on Sexism?


Its not too often that we here at TrueSlamBook pick a side on anything,  we are taught to be informed yet impartial. However, this hit me hard! A few days ago I was having a Production meeting with my team. We were discussing a few upcoming projects we are about to embark upon. During this conversation we began to look at who we wanted to bring on board to aide in the completion. I told my assistant to find me aome female candidates as I didn’t want a team full of men.

Upon submission of resumes I ended up with 47 resumes, 32 from Males and 15 from Females. My mouth hit the floor. As i began to inquire about the results I was told that fhere just werent a lot of females in the Production Field! I called Bullshit and refused to take that as an answer.

I reached out to some of my personal contacts and begin to dig further. To my luck while reviewing Entertainment Weekly this week I stumble upon a page that blew my mind!


As you can imagine this got me excited. I began to pull some stats and found some interesting statistics in Jezebel.


I was boggled by such and just had to write about it. We fight for so many rights and forms of justice but why does Sexism seem to be the one that is so present yet rarely addressed?


I have to truly start a movement! A movement where sexism is void and equality is real. We fight for the rights of minorities, gays, animals, forest, and every other thing else someone feels strongly about.  Today I start my stance to work towards a better tomorrow and that begins with making sexism a thing of the past in all things I do.

Salute to the Women who fight against the injustice and succeed. Salute to the Women who stand up for their beliefs. Most of all, Salute to the Women who know there Value and Refuse to let someone think lesser of them due to Gender!

Gender is NOT a Handicap it’s a Chromosome Identity! Where we Tell the Truth and Nothing But!!!!!!! @TrueSlamBook on Twitter

Tezzo of @RealRawFootage is def on 100 with Bobby Smurda Remake!!!!

Raw FootageIn case you don’t know I’m about to put you up on game! Coming out of the Chicago area, we have the Gay Rap Group “Raw Footage!” This group consists of 3 males (left to right: Lil Ron, Tezzo, and Aki) who are attacking the Industry with Trina Lyrics, Nicki Minaj Swag, and Butch Queen Realness!

Let me say this, you know I lives for me a ole Trina, Lil Kim type of feel but I am in LOVE with Tezzo! Babeeeeee, this lil Chiraq Top Boy will Murder and Beat and not Apologize for it. Tezzo gives you real Meek Mill, Bobby Smurda, Canibus teas and I live for his verse in EVERY song!

The other night Aki text me and told me to check out his new remake and Tezzos new one as well. True Tea, I played them both and Aki’ is cute or whateva, but Tezzo gave me LIFE! Now, I am passing that Life on to you! Tezzo- Remake “Hot N*gga”

Did he just say “Bust bitches in the face I’m a Top N8gga! I don’t bottom I ain’t with the flip flop N*gga?” I just lost all control over my life. He Killed!!!!!!

All I know is that Beat Killing, Lyric Winning, Top Chiraq-ian Slayeddddddddd that Track!!!!!

1In case you are wondering what Aki track sounded like, here you go: Aki- Remake to “Anaconda”

Lastly, in all fairness I must give you the group as a whole! Enjoy!

What do you think?