Atlanta Knots: The Jamal Paisley Story

Let’s get into this one. We were in Atlanta for Labor Day Weekend and we attended the Gay Pride Festivities. The weekend was absolutely amazing. The kids were all the way turned up. 

However, it wouldn’t be Atlanta if it someone wasn’t getting EXPOSED. While attending a party at The Anchor Bar we observer a patron totally upset and acting like a true monkey. Upon observing the actions we heard another patron say, “Gurl that’s that raggedy ass Jamal Paisley.” Naturally, we had to do what we do best and INCESTIGATE. 

According to sources Mr. Paisley is a knot who use to be a porn star for Coco Dorm until he shitted outside in the parking lot and was kicked out of the dorm. Now, we have no proof of this so we can only tell it as it was told to us. Since his shitty booty incident Mr. Paisley has been trying to get back to the top of Gay Fame with all his might. 

This brings us to Labor Day Weekend 2015. Word on the web and at the club is that Mr. Paisley was dating the owner of Wassup N Atl Promotions trying to use him to get back into the scene. Now, the patrons say that Wassup N Atl is a staple in Atlanta and their Pride Events are Epic. The theory is that Mr. Paisley was going to use the owner to get back in front of the gay crowd and jump start his never existing Industry Career. 

Here is where it gets HOTTTT. Mr. Paisley was allegedly upset outside of a The Anchor Bar because HE paid the Wassup N Atl owner $1000 to allow him to host his party. Some of the patrons complained that Mr. Paisley was WACK so Wassup N Atl took the mic away from him. This is what sent him into his rage. 

We will be honest, we weren’t there while Mr. Paisley was hosting but the kids were mighty happy to see him go. Upon his departure he chose to act like Meek Mill and run to Twitter with his Lies. 

Let me say this. Wassup N Atl paid him no mind, no attention and no money. The party went on and the building was packed. Funny thing is for him to be such the Socialite as his Social Media claims he was only talking to himself and 1 other person. 

Based on the messages you can clearly see for yourself for a person who is such a Socialite and a Boss doesn’t Mr. Paisley seem real hurt???????

We reached out to the Owner of Wassup N Atl, Magic Mario to inquire about the issue and he declined to speak on it. However, the one thing he made clear was:


I guess shitty booty has made his way back home and is calm. I just wanna know if he really shitted in the parking lot and didn’t wipe his ass. I mean to each its own but I thought Bottoms were suppose to stay clean!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Atlanta Knots: The Jamal Paisley Story”

  1. Absolutely!!! Hilarious, Ridiculous, Inaccurate and all full of lies Mario approached me to host his white party during pride weekend in Atlanta, and paid me $500 to do such !!! He also tried to make sexual advances towards me which I rejected multiple times. I reminded Mario that business is business and that I had no time for anything else. had I known of his fucked up reputation for falling out with different adult entertainers, club mc’s, hosts, etc, and even the geneal gay public in Atlanta altogether I would’ve have never been seen anywhere near him. never once was booed by anybody in attendance and not one person in attendance the night of the event had anything to say about me negatively. Mario fed this worthless and joke of a blog foolishness . $1,000 to host a party in order to obtain gay fame? And I paid him that ? Lmfaoooo bullshit !!!! I was well know way before I accepted his hosting booking. My followers count grow by the thousands weekly 🙂 but I needed him ? Seriously for what? Stop trying to sleep with every person u come across!!! Learn to take rejection and accept NO as NO !!!! Never did I get kicked out of coco dorm I never worked for them LOL my ex boyfriend did while me and him were together. Mario please come up with truthful and accurate info before u go trying to do a press release thinking u know my life so well….. Big Joke😂


  2. This what the Black GLBTQ Community is coming to?! Very Sad! We have bigger and better things to worry about just because we now have Marriage Equality doesn’t mean that fight is over and we instead fight each other! We need to stand united against new attacks against on our community hint Religious Freedom Bill.


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