Iffy, I Mean Iggy Bye Bytch!

Dis Bytch Gotta GO!  

It started like this, T.I. stopped by Hot 97′s Ebro In the Morning, ostensibly to discuss his new EP DA’NIC, and his forthcoming tenth album, THE DIME TRAP. But his widely-circulated COMMENTS were about Iggy Azalea, the white, Australian rapper whom he helped ferry into hip-hop’s mainstream. After a 2014 that scored her multiple hits and a laundry list of awards show nominations, this year has been a letdown full of CANCELLED TOURS and FALSE STARTS on a sophomore album. Perhaps most troublingly to the Grand Hustle boss, she’s been constantly at war with other rappers on Twitter, repeatedly getting defensive when confronted with her whiteness. (Britney Spears also threw shots at Azalea when the latter complained about their collaboration, “Pretty Girls,” BRICKING.) Now, Iggy is taking to Twitter in an attempt to set the record straight:

  It remains to be seen how the matter of Azalea’s record contract and working relationship with T.I. is resolved.

Gurl shut da fukk up with you ungrateful ass. 



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