Cuffin Season Ends Early for Tyga

Okay, so as the world turns again. Tyga and Kylie break up just in time for Tyga’s 26th Birthday. Now, no shade but is it me or is it ironic that they split when Blac Chyna gets with Future????? Lemme find out the jealousy is real. 

We don’t believe in tumors so no one officially knows why they broke up. Some say he cheated. Some say she wanted to date other people. I say he seen Chyna with Future and got depressed. 
In any case, serve me your True Slam. Are you Happy or Sad to hear about the Tylie split??????

Scrappy vs. William

Lil’ Scrappy isn’t exactly a Wendy Williams fan. Scrappy believes she’s out to destroy and go against her own people. He brought up the fact that she had negative comments to say about Missy Elliott, the Married To Medicine cast, Bill Cosby and others. Lil’ Scrappy claims she bashes blacks but praises all of the other races. Scrappy says,

“Love u cause you’re black but hate the way u act.”

Some fans sided with Lil’ Scrappy as they pointed out all of the negativity on her show. Other fans brought Scrappy up-to-date by reminding him that Wendy has been talking sh*t about people for 20 plus years, and she doesn’t discriminate with her hate and shade. Well unfortunately for Lil’ Scrappy and those that feel the same, Wendy’s contract has been renewed through 2022.


Is Hakeem Gay or Nah????? YESSSSSSSSSSS


Over the weekend there was so much Tea that took place. The one that of course took us by storm was the one about ole FINE ass Yazzzzzzzzzzzz from Empire aka Hakeem.

Okay, according to Media Take Out:

CHILE . . Look Who Was Photo’d UP IN THE GAY CLUB IN ATLANTA Yesterday . . . Chile We Knew When We FIRST SAW HIM On Empire . . . There Was A Lil TWANG TO HIM!!!

Yazz, a.k.a. Hakeem from Empire, was up in a popular Atlanta Gay Club last night. He was put ON BLAST by cross-dressing Instagram star Donth8tae. Cant say we’re all that surprised.

We suspected it all along. . . .

BTW – this is the dude that he was with in the club.


Now #NoShade, this lil boy is Fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and I can def see him being Yaz’s type. I just wanna know. Based on what we see of Hakeem, who’s the Bottom or are the both Verse?????

On another note, I need to see the pictures of him and Yaz in the club. I heard they exist so I need to see them LIVE and DIRECT……


@JayCobz_Babay Know he was WRONG

As you all know, we are always searching the internet in hope of new things. Today we came across a song by JayCobz. Now, it’s now imagessecret that we love us a good Reggae Track here at #TSB. However, who the fuck told him to use this girl as Not only the LEAD girl but the ONLY girl in the Damn video???????

Before we proceed, see for yourself:

Published on Oct 26, 2015

Repost!! Repost!!! Repost!! Can You Dutty Wine?? Download & Post Your Own Version..
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Okay, now that you lived through that, let’s talk.

  1. Who told her she can Wine Pon De Wall?2a2892a8546e75495072b7b2de76ce5c
  2. Who told her she had Ass?
  3. Who told her she was in the running for Dancehall Queen?
  4. Who told her she was KILLIN it?
  5. Was that suppose to be the Dutty Wine?
  6. Is this Real?

3072829c2c1e34e897be87bea16cece01009cc00b2de18e6bd1687a961f76545In all honesty, if you close your eyes and ignore her the song is rocking. It’s sad how a Bad video can make you not go buy the song because it will remind you of the bad visual. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I almost played this song at my party tonight for my staff. I guess not.

If any of our readers know this artist, please tell him to call 1-800-Help-A-Hoe and re-shoot this video. I hope she’s not related to him. #NoShade, but this is an Epic FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He shoulda called the girls back from “I Like That!”



JayCobz_I_LIKE_THAT_188712349_thumbnailOn another note, Jay Cobz is cute as shytt tho according to the staff. I know a few ladies who wanna Dutty Wine Pon his Stick……….


Yusuf Mack Admits to being Gay!!!!

Yusaf Mack continues to come clean about his sexuality. Today, the Philadelphia Boxer continues his press run and tells Philadelphia Fox 29’s that he’s not bi-sexual, but gay. Guuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllll, here she go!

As previously reported, Mack made headlines when a porn by DawgPoundUSA (My Favs) featured him with two other men in a ole nasty come get this take it now type of video. When the story leaked, Mack claimed that he was heterosexual and was drugged, unaware that he had been intimate with the men. He later stated that he was bi-sexual and had plans to write a book about his experience.

Fast forward to the present day and he has revealed to Fox 29 interview, that his initial account of the shoot was “all a lie.” #GurlBye