Is Hakeem Gay or Nah????? YESSSSSSSSSSS


Over the weekend there was so much Tea that took place. The one that of course took us by storm was the one about ole FINE ass Yazzzzzzzzzzzz from Empire aka Hakeem.

Okay, according to Media Take Out:

CHILE . . Look Who Was Photo’d UP IN THE GAY CLUB IN ATLANTA Yesterday . . . Chile We Knew When We FIRST SAW HIM On Empire . . . There Was A Lil TWANG TO HIM!!!

Yazz, a.k.a. Hakeem from Empire, was up in a popular Atlanta Gay Club last night. He was put ON BLAST by cross-dressing Instagram star Donth8tae. Cant say we’re all that surprised.

We suspected it all along. . . .

BTW – this is the dude that he was with in the club.


Now #NoShade, this lil boy is Fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and I can def see him being Yaz’s type. I just wanna know. Based on what we see of Hakeem, who’s the Bottom or are the both Verse?????

On another note, I need to see the pictures of him and Yaz in the club. I heard they exist so I need to see them LIVE and DIRECT……


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