Someone come get dis Bihh!

Minding our business on Facebook earlier, we came across a flyer that stopped us dead in our scrolling tracks. Can we talk about Truthism for a moment?

  1. Bytch if you over 25, stop trying to look 16.
  2. If you her true friend, tell her she look a good over heated mess.
  3. If you the flyer designer, you need to start rejecting pics.

Get into this visual:


Now, Hear Ye, Hear Ye,

  1. Who da fuck let Sister Act the Broke Edition come out like that?
  2. Who actually took her picture like that?
  3. Who allowed for that picture to go on the flyer?
  4. Who actually posted that flyer of Facebook like she was gonna draw patrons to the party?

Chileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, dis broke ass Harajuku Barbie harajuku_adknow she was wrong for trying to bring this effect to life…. I would be willing to deal if the flyer said “Halloween Edition.” Butttt, Noooooooooooooooooooo It says:

“Check out last week’s featured artist Redcoat Da Poet! He was the 1st artist to hit the stage at Indie Artist Thursday’s at Dream last week and he smashed it! Bring ya A game is all I can tell you! Only dope artists survive! Get with us to perform before the slots are filled! Bring your music, your people, and some ones for the ladies! See you there!”

Ooh Chile, Jesus be a Fence…. I blame Nicki. She got those hoes re-inventing themselves after age 30.


No shade to little buttercup who is on the flyer. Here at #TSB we just Tell it like it is….

If you like it we’re glad that you like it………………

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