Ray-J gets Put On Blast…. Gay and Slay!!!!!

Bih….. The Tea began to boil over in the pot. When that happened they attempted to get a wrag and clean it up. However, you know there’s always a trace left when it comes to the world of the World WIDE Web.

The other day the below post was posted and then removed within a 10 minute time span. Get into the post before we give you the crumpets to go with this tea.

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Hunniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, if that isn’t the Entire Kettle. Whew…. Now, We ain’t one to talk about nobody but based on the individuals we have called… (cough, cough)


First off: I’m mad he got turned out bad during the Never Say Never days. I guess he felt like Never Say Never.

Second: Based on perception, the money would have been put on Young Buck being the TOP. However, we do know that these Fake Thugs do be bottoming for the Gurlssssss…. Just ask Shauna Brooks about those teas……


Third: Who else has Teaira been a beard for?

Fourth: Not Pleasure P….. We still wanna grind with him.. Ooh chile…

Fifth: Can we see the Gay Extasy footage? Was it as good as the Kim K. tape??? Cuz you know Ray J got MEAT for the LYFE…….

Last but not least……. Why did this post get deleted from IG????????

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