Can someone save this Lineup, Pleeze??

Listen. When we ever came across this one. We all sat silent for a moment trying to figure out HOW IN THE HELL this happened. 

Get Ready to add this up and tell us what you get:

1 Legend + 1 Great + 1 Random =

According to the Flyer, here’s the breakdown:




Now understand our logic. Jaheim is a vocal Legend. His voice and songs have transcended generations. Vivian Green has a voice that can soothe any moment. Her vocal range is in tact and her executions are infactuatimg. Keyshia Cole sounds like the cat stuck under the back deck in the rain during a Fall cold front near Lake Michigan. Her vocal range is void and her executions are that of a congested person with the flu. No shade now, she serves you Style, Face, and Body. However, who’s bright idea was it to put her on a stage with these two?

We need to call the promoter because adding her just fucked up the whole grown and sexy vibe that the event was giving off. She hasn’t even sold enough albums to qualify to share a stage with them. 

Jaheim’s debut album, Ghetto Love (2001) and sophomore album, Still Ghetto (2002), both reached RIAA platinum status. Boom! His 2006’s Ghetto Classics was #1 on Billboard 200, Gold status, and sold over 153,000 copies in its first week. Throughout his successful career, Jaheim has sold over 5 million records worldwide. 

Vivian, “A Love Story,” certified RIAA Gold and sold over US: 531,00. “Vivian” 225,000. “Beautiful” 22,061 Independent in the US. “The Green Room,” 14,001 US sales. “Vivid” (2015) sold 1,951 in the US. No shade Bytch it’s time for Vivian to take a Nap. But still the girl got VOCALS. 

Now, giving props where props are due. Keyshia’s first 2 albums sold in the Millions. Her 3rd album sold 322,000 week one which was her highest ever. Album 6 which is the latest album sold 46,000 copies in total. Now, be real. It would be one thing if the Bytch had pipes. Then we could let it slide. However, 46,000 sales after 2 years and she sound like a she got a cold, asthma, and, a runny nose……. No thank you Key Key. You can stay ur ass home and gargle on some WD-40. You dress ur ass off tho. 

Can we replace her with Jazzmine Sullivan or Fantasia? 
Bookers, tell us what you think. 

The Fake Industry

Here we go again with the Wannabes, Aintgonnabes, and the Wishabes! We already know that the world of Reality Television is overpopulated. Well, just when we thought we had seen it all when it comes to the Lives of the Lying and Rented we get an email.

Tonight in Atlanta, a few of our Atlanta Slammers attended an event tonight. This event was for “The Industry.” (Cough)Upon doing some research, here’s what we could figure.

 Over a year ago, a group of people got together and began recording and posting as “The Industry.” What Industry you ask? Well so did we and we got no real answer. We called a few of our insiders to inquire as to who these individuals were and what made them “The Industry.” All truth, No Shade, NO ONE was able to tell us. Everyone laughed and let it be known that it’s another case of the wannabes.

From 62 weeks ago to:


Up to Tonight’s Event:

According to those who attended:

  • The venue was small and cute
  • There were no heavy-hitters in the building
  • The cast member who sang live can’t sing and should give it up. 
  • The Curvy Cast member is the best looking and best dressed of them all. 
  • The VIP area was just some chairs randomly placed somewhere. 
  • The cover was $10 (according to the word in Atl, most events AF this caliber are FREE!)

Listen, kudos to those who take charge of their careers. However, can we just say this is an example of how NOT to do it. 

If you know who this cast is, please comment and let it be known. #TSB

#TSB Artist Review: @AaronStaccato- Best Thang (Official Remix)

Time for honesty hour…….

We were introduced to Aaron Staccato when one of his fans tweeted us his name. We reached out to him via Twitter and invited him to submit. He actually submitted.

He emailed us a track entitled, “Best Thang” the official remix version, so we assume this is a true representation of his artistry. Now, No Shade, you all know we gotta keep it REAL……..

Aaron Staccato 3-22-2011 pixc 005

  1. He’s cute.
  2. How old is he? He looks too old to be trying to break into the industry.
  3. We wish he would have sent the ORIGINAL track because the REMIX is 457 minutes long and has 345 people on it. (Artist: Aaron Staccato feat. Neon Starr, Klaryti, Ms. Mesa, Staalin, E Nut & Smurf.)
  4. Aaron’s lyrics are okay.
  5. His voice sounds good on the track.
  6. He should have left Neon Starr,
    Klaryti, Ms. Mesa, Staalin, E Nut & Smurf at home as they made the track aggravating.
  7. Out of the 15 people in the office, 7 were rocking to Aaron’s vers. Based on that we give the track a 4.2 out of 10.
  8. We don’t know too much about the artist but we hope he is going for an older demographic because trying to compete against Future and Desiigner he will LOSE. However, if he goes up against Kool Moe Dee, Shaquille O’ Neal, M. C. Hammer and Ma$e he will reach a nice audience.

Slambookers, #Soundoff. Take a Listen and tell up what you think…

Follow The Artist:

Twitter: @AaronStaccato
Instagram: Aaron Staccato
YouTube: Aaron Staccato

Birdman Wiles The Breakfast Club

In case you missed it this morning, please get into it.

Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, can we get into this???? The team has talked and here is what we have to say.

  1. Why Birdman being a THUG at 98 Years Old?
  2. Did he really need 23 Goons with him?
  3. Charlamagne bad skin having ass was scared.
  4. DJ Envy was on chill mode and ready to laugh.
  5. Angela Yee acted like she was really excited for this late ass interview.The_Breakfast_Club
  6. Bird just did this to amplify his already late upcoming album.
  7. Who was his boo thing standing to his left??? He was cute tho.
  8. Why did he even have a seat if he knew he was bout to leave? Was it suppose to add to the drama?
  9. Who the fukkkkkkk cares if he mad?
  10. We wanna see him try this on Hot Boy Turk, Trick Daddy, or Rozay.

The moral of the story is………..

Dear Birdman, you are not a thug. The way in which you presented yourself today was that of a late ass coon. You fail to realize that no one cares about you. You use others to keep you relevant. Though you may have a CHECK that’s bout all you got. You so BOLD, pay Turk, Wayne, Rozay and ERBODY else what you owe them.

We feel for you. We feel that you need for attention has become desperation. You are a Lame. Have a seat and bring Jacquees to the front with his FINE ass.


As we come to a close, Birdman, we just have one question…… You Mad Bro???

From Revel to Vexation…. Another Photographer Fails!

Listen………. This is No Shade, but All Shade……. In the times of Social Media, the last thing you should want to do is post a BAD Image. Especially, if you are representing a BRAND….

According to the statistics, there is about a 1-4% return from Social Media. This means that people are paying attention and if you are representing a company, brand, or, even yourself, you always want to put your best foot forward.

Now, SPEAKING of your BEST FOOT Forward….



    1. Bo looks AMAZING. No Shade, she slayed this look.
    2. The car is a perfect addition to Bo’s look.
    3. Why the fuck did the photographer leave them skid marks on the ground?
    4. Bytchhhhhhhhhhhhh…… How do you call yourself a PHOTOGRAPHER and you are unable to hide the Skid Marks near Bo’s feet????
    5. Thanks to the skid marks, the picture looses it’s ENTIRE effect and just makes you not want shytt from the Boutique or Revel.
    6. Whoever Approved these pics needs to be FIRED.
    7. The photographer needs to be FIRED.
    8. The person who uploaded this pic to IG needs to be FIRED.
    9. Bytch, the CEO needs to call a come to Jesus meeting because this is def not a good look.
    10. Npearcypics needs to upgrade his skills… He charging $250 for 1 look but got skid marks in his visuals. #BytchBye
On another note, Shouts to #RevelPrive’ for the dress. It’s cute. Sure wish the pic did it justice… That shoot musta been free…. (The otha Revel pics are cute tho……)


Street Execs vs. Bankroll Fresh Execs

#LongLiveBankRoll…….. Since the passing of Bank Roll Fresh that hashtag has been a trending topic. So many stories have been told. So many tribute songs. So many #LongLiveBank events and more.

As the rumor mill began to slow down and the memorial funds never came in, the immediate family members of Trentavious White break their silence.
 First, let’s revisit the story as it was told. Bankroll got into an argument while at Street Execs studio. Upon him beating the other party up the individual somehow got ahold of Bankrolls gun and began to run. This caused for a chase to breakout. At some point during the chase the individual turned around (inside of the Gated area) and began shooting at Mr. Fresh. According to police report, there were 50+ Shell Casings found. Only person to lose their life that night was Bankroll Fresh.

After the incident Bankrolls brother took to Instagram and stated that if ANY of the people who were on site that night would have helped him break up the fight, his brother would still be here. #PowerfulWords  With the family breaking their silence a lot of key players have been called out and some speculations have come to the surface. 

In no particular order, we here at give you the breakdown as it was presented to us during a closed door meeting.  

  • Bankroll Fresh was NOT signed to Street Execs. Street Execs was only the Marketing Company.   
  • As Street Execs proclaimed so much LOVE for Bankroll. They did NOT help pay for the Funeral. 
  • They have NOT called to check on the family. 
  • They have NOT asked if the kids need anything. 
  • Some find it funny that rapper 2Chainz got on a plane and departed Atlanta they day after the shooting of Bankroll.   
  • A lot of these alleged Tribute Events have been scams. According to the family:
  • The only person to gain full approval was Hot Boy Turk. 
  • The family approached Lil Bankhead of Streetz 94.5 not once but twice, once at the station and once at Blue Flame Lounge to let him know to stop attaching Babkrolls name to all these events on air as no one had permission and the events were unauthorized. 

It gets serious when the family began to breakdown those who truly were there for Bankroll Fresh and those who have just been using his name for notoriety.
 Allow us to make it clear. The family of Bankroll Fresh want it to be known that they will not stand for his name being used in vein. Furthermore, they are going to all unauthorized events and shutting them down.
 Tell us bookers, what are your thoughts?