Partying the @MetroBoyz Way via @iAmBigDino

Yesterday the team was in Atlanta. While in the city we went to the Day Party Powered by the iconic MetroBoyz Ent. Anyone who knows the MetroBoyz Brand, you know that Dino is a Legend and his brand is nothing to be fucked with.

2_328072157l_400x400A MetroBoyz party is less Party and more of an Experience. From the Celebs, to the Ballers, the Shot Callers, the Models, the THoTs and of course, the amazing Networking Opportunities.

With that said, yesterday’s event was held at the BEAUTIFUL Varasano’s Pizza on Level 2 of the Perimeter Mall near Dillard’s.VarasanoOnce you get past the breathtaking atmosphere you realize that the event was crowded. This is where it gets interesting. The room was almost broken into sections.

The Newcomers: The newcomers were those who aren’t familiar with the MetroBoyz brand as you could tell they were in awe by all that they seen. This group sat close to the door and didn’t move at all. LoL!

The Team: Those who roll with the MetroBoyz were more towards the middle in the plush chill area. This area allowed you to see the entire space and grab a waiter or waitress at any point in time. Not to mention it was close to the Bar. Ha! You know who like to drink by where they sit.

The Regulars: This is the crowd that is accustomed to the MetroBoyz events and ten to attend more than a few a year. However, though they have money, style, and swagger, they aren’t a part of “The Team.” This is the area where you knew there was money in the pockets and the sneaker game was no less that $200.00 a pop. You would notice that all the single ladies who were on the prowl seemed to conjure in this area, #ThirstyMuch.

The Industry Insiders: There is a front patio area that overlooks the main area. It is a GORGEOUS view especially after the sun goes down. There are only about 7 chairs out there and standing room for about 8 people. This is where the video cameras and networking of the minds were taking place. The traffic of this area was consistent with only about 3-5 main people who stayed, everyone else made their way across the patio and them back inside. I guess who know who got next based on the patio captains. LoL

With that said, Bihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let’s get into the No’s and Hell No’s of the Night!

  1. When we walked up there was a lady sitting out front with Purple Goddess Twist looking like her feet hurt and side eyeing everyone. Umm, Hell No! Lady go inside and hide looking like you ready to go but for some reason was forced to stay.
  2. The Waitress had Grey Bundles from the Lesser than Good Quality pack and an attitude to match. Clearly she worked for the establishment, however, when you are lucky enough to work a MetroBoyz event, you betta act like you are happy to be there. She gets a Hell No.
  3. The Pizza and Wings were AMAZING. The food was perfectly seasoned and the portions were perfect. However, why in the hell did it take 96 minutes for the food to come? Bytch, we could have churned our own cheese and kneaded our own dough in that time. We understand quality takes time, but shytt. That gets a No for the Night.
  4. From the time we sat down until the time a waitress said “Hi” to us there was a 42-minute delay. The establishment appeared to be understaffed for the traffic that was there. ***Note to Venue, DO NOT book a MetroBoyz event and have a Skeleton Crew staff…*** This was a HELL NO for the Night.
  5. The Busser was a young black male with a smile to die for. You could tell he was enjoying the event and his mannerisms were so professional. He needs to be switched to a waiter. Oh yeah, did we mention he was FINE???? Chile, off the record, some of the interns didn’t want to leave so they could keep looking at him. Ha. He gets a HELL YES for the Night.

Overall we give the:

Event a 10 out of 10

Venue a 10 out of 10

Venue Staff a 2 out of 10

Food a 10 out of 10

Crowd a 10 out of 10

If you are free on Sunday’s, make sure you check it out.

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