Rolling Out is Rolling Doubt……..

When we as were introduced to Rolling Out back in 2012 we were told it was one of the Trend Setting Staples within the Southeastern Region. Fast forward to today, Rolling Out is 6 pages of Newspaper and a few stories from wherever they happened to be that had a writer. 

Usually, the cover is slated for the Gawdzzzzzzz. However, this most recent cover with Jennifer Williams is a joke.  

  1. Who do fukk was assigned Hair? Did they leave the Flat Iron, Hot Curlers, and Hot Comb at home? Her edges look like she is 3 days away from her touch up. 
  2. We all know Jennifer has a small frame. Long legs and gorgeous body sculpture. HOWEVER, Whatever angle this shot was taken gave her stomach rolls. Furthermore, how dare the photographer not smooth it out. Like they just ain’t see them rolls.  
  3. Why do her titties look like Droopys ears????? We don’t care if they had to sit them on coffee mugs. Her titties do not need to look that long. Looking like wind chimes, just hanging. 
  4. Fire the Photographer. 
  5. Fire the Editor who Approved these Visuals. 
  6. Fire her assistant who let these pics get past them. 
  7. Get some interns who have an eye for cover shoots. 
  8. Step ur print weight up. You ain’t got but 6 see through ass pages. You can pay more attention to the cover.  

In any case, you all can see all the raggedy visuals and read heartfelt interview HERE 

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