From Revel to Vexation…. Another Photographer Fails!

Listen………. This is No Shade, but All Shade……. In the times of Social Media, the last thing you should want to do is post a BAD Image. Especially, if you are representing a BRAND….

According to the statistics, there is about a 1-4% return from Social Media. This means that people are paying attention and if you are representing a company, brand, or, even yourself, you always want to put your best foot forward.

Now, SPEAKING of your BEST FOOT Forward….



    1. Bo looks AMAZING. No Shade, she slayed this look.
    2. The car is a perfect addition to Bo’s look.
    3. Why the fuck did the photographer leave them skid marks on the ground?
    4. Bytchhhhhhhhhhhhh…… How do you call yourself a PHOTOGRAPHER and you are unable to hide the Skid Marks near Bo’s feet????
    5. Thanks to the skid marks, the picture looses it’s ENTIRE effect and just makes you not want shytt from the Boutique or Revel.
    6. Whoever Approved these pics needs to be FIRED.
    7. The photographer needs to be FIRED.
    8. The person who uploaded this pic to IG needs to be FIRED.
    9. Bytch, the CEO needs to call a come to Jesus meeting because this is def not a good look.
    10. Npearcypics needs to upgrade his skills… He charging $250 for 1 look but got skid marks in his visuals. #BytchBye
On another note, Shouts to #RevelPrive’ for the dress. It’s cute. Sure wish the pic did it justice… That shoot musta been free…. (The otha Revel pics are cute tho……)


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