Birdman Wiles The Breakfast Club

In case you missed it this morning, please get into it.

Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, can we get into this???? The team has talked and here is what we have to say.

  1. Why Birdman being a THUG at 98 Years Old?
  2. Did he really need 23 Goons with him?
  3. Charlamagne bad skin having ass was scared.
  4. DJ Envy was on chill mode and ready to laugh.
  5. Angela Yee acted like she was really excited for this late ass interview.The_Breakfast_Club
  6. Bird just did this to amplify his already late upcoming album.
  7. Who was his boo thing standing to his left??? He was cute tho.
  8. Why did he even have a seat if he knew he was bout to leave? Was it suppose to add to the drama?
  9. Who the fukkkkkkk cares if he mad?
  10. We wanna see him try this on Hot Boy Turk, Trick Daddy, or Rozay.

The moral of the story is………..

Dear Birdman, you are not a thug. The way in which you presented yourself today was that of a late ass coon. You fail to realize that no one cares about you. You use others to keep you relevant. Though you may have a CHECK that’s bout all you got. You so BOLD, pay Turk, Wayne, Rozay and ERBODY else what you owe them.

We feel for you. We feel that you need for attention has become desperation. You are a Lame. Have a seat and bring Jacquees to the front with his FINE ass.


As we come to a close, Birdman, we just have one question…… You Mad Bro???

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