#TSB Artist Review: @AaronStaccato- Best Thang (Official Remix)

Time for honesty hour…….

We were introduced to Aaron Staccato when one of his fans tweeted us his name. We reached out to him via Twitter and invited him to submit. He actually submitted.

He emailed us a track entitled, “Best Thang” the official remix version, so we assume this is a true representation of his artistry. Now, No Shade, you all know we gotta keep it REAL……..

Aaron Staccato 3-22-2011 pixc 005

  1. He’s cute.
  2. How old is he? He looks too old to be trying to break into the industry.
  3. We wish he would have sent the ORIGINAL track because the REMIX is 457 minutes long and has 345 people on it. (Artist: Aaron Staccato feat. Neon Starr, Klaryti, Ms. Mesa, Staalin, E Nut & Smurf.)
  4. Aaron’s lyrics are okay.
  5. His voice sounds good on the track.
  6. He should have left Neon Starr,
    Klaryti, Ms. Mesa, Staalin, E Nut & Smurf at home as they made the track aggravating.
  7. Out of the 15 people in the office, 7 were rocking to Aaron’s vers. Based on that we give the track a 4.2 out of 10.
  8. We don’t know too much about the artist but we hope he is going for an older demographic because trying to compete against Future and Desiigner he will LOSE. However, if he goes up against Kool Moe Dee, Shaquille O’ Neal, M. C. Hammer and Ma$e he will reach a nice audience.

Slambookers, #Soundoff. Take a Listen and tell up what you think…

Follow The Artist:

Twitter: @AaronStaccato
Instagram: Aaron Staccato
YouTube: Aaron Staccato

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