The Fake Industry

Here we go again with the Wannabes, Aintgonnabes, and the Wishabes! We already know that the world of Reality Television is overpopulated. Well, just when we thought we had seen it all when it comes to the Lives of the Lying and Rented we get an email.

Tonight in Atlanta, a few of our Atlanta Slammers attended an event tonight. This event was for “The Industry.” (Cough)Upon doing some research, here’s what we could figure.

 Over a year ago, a group of people got together and began recording and posting as “The Industry.” What Industry you ask? Well so did we and we got no real answer. We called a few of our insiders to inquire as to who these individuals were and what made them “The Industry.” All truth, No Shade, NO ONE was able to tell us. Everyone laughed and let it be known that it’s another case of the wannabes.

From 62 weeks ago to:


Up to Tonight’s Event:

According to those who attended:

  • The venue was small and cute
  • There were no heavy-hitters in the building
  • The cast member who sang live can’t sing and should give it up. 
  • The Curvy Cast member is the best looking and best dressed of them all. 
  • The VIP area was just some chairs randomly placed somewhere. 
  • The cover was $10 (according to the word in Atl, most events AF this caliber are FREE!)

Listen, kudos to those who take charge of their careers. However, can we just say this is an example of how NOT to do it. 

If you know who this cast is, please comment and let it be known. #TSB

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