Our #Prom2016 Reviews

Why was this even a thing? She’s giving Pink Flamingo teas. While he gives Prince of Zemunda Realness. Score 3/10. 

He looks Gay and she looks bored but they cute. Score 5/10

He’s basic but geed up. Cute blend and perfect fit. Score 7/10

This is our FAVORITE. She is laid for the GAWDZ and he knows he is fly with the flyest female on his arm. The baby bump is an added effect. Score 10/10. 

Cute and Basic. Score 6/10. 

She has Slayed in Jesus Name. Do you see this Dress? She know she did that. Score 10/10Country Coon Cute. Score 5/10. Her gut is a great added effect to the basic clearance dress. And her weave is late. Score 4/10. She reached in for her inner Harry Potter. Score 3/10 She looks happy. Her Dress is Sophisticated Chic. Score 7/10 Werkkkkkkkkkkkkk Diva. She slayed. Score 10/10. They look Spring Prom Fun. Score 5/10. Werkkkkkkkkkkk For the Creativity. Simple. Fun.  Score 4/10Really cute serving us Country Music Awards Teas. Score 10/10. He Fineeeeeeeeee and she got BODY! They ate this. Score 10/10. Very cute and Easter Chic. Score 8/10. Loving this simple effect. This is epic. Come on Bridesmaid Teas. Score 10/10. Bytchhhhhhhhhh she shoulda stayed home. Basic Dress. Basic Curl. Basic MakeUp. Score 1/10. Werkkkkkkkkkkk for the Selena Gomez prom effect. Score 5/10. Gurl Bye. Score 3/10. Boring. Wrinkled. Aggy. Score 1/10. Cute Easter Sunday Teas. Score 3/10. Werkkkkkkkk Matilda. Score 9/10. Fun. Age appropriate. Cute. Score 7/10. Mint Chocolate and Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Score 2/10.  They ate that. Score 10/10. Chile. Score 2/10. 

Had to do it again 1 time for the 1 time. Cuz she SLAY. She look too old for a Senior Prom but this Look is Cuteeeeeeee. Score 10/10. The #TrueSlamBook Winning Look. From the Hair to the Makeup to the Style. W I N N I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!

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