Tamar Gets Axed. #ByeGurl

The aggravating news on the street is that Tamar Braxton has been fired from The Real!!!!!!Who THE FUCK CARES. First off, the bitch was rarely there. When she was there she was the hood rat who didn’t fit in. Furthermore, she would be better off with her own show. 
Truth be told, we was tired of her, Precious, Tamara, Olive Oil, and Selena Gomez. Talk about “The Odd Couple!” In any case, Tamar took to social media to state her piece. 

 Cry me a RIVER!!!!!!!! Ain’t nobody get you fired girl. You are played. The advertisers didn’t like you. Why she gotta cause drama and try and blame it on one of the other muppet babies? She is truly messy bootz. 

Conclusion: Tamar, shut up. Move on and drop a new single. To the Tamartian Clan, it’s okay. Your Ruler will be fine. 

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