T. I. gets Sued by those looking for a Pay Day!

We hate to say it, however, the question is, are they only suing because he is T. I.?
Tip is catching heat for his latest venture Scales925. Former employees of the downtown eatery Scales 925 are suing the recording artist, also known as Clifford Harris Jr., for unpaid wages, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Harris and business partner Charles Hughes are listed as defendants.
The suit was filed in the United States Northern District of Georgia on Tuesday. Twelve plaintiffs are citing the Fair Labor Standards Act and claim they were deprived of owed wages in a number of ways. 

Here we go, first off, are they mad because they didn’t make the grade? Or, is this real? Furthermore, why these 12?
Hughes’s unscrupulous business practices listed in the complaint include:
Withdrawing money from employees’ paychecks to pay Georgia payroll taxes, without actually paying said taxes. (How they know what was paid? By the way, you just let him take money out your check.)
Depositing money from the restaurant into his personal bank account, causing paychecks to bounce. (Oh now somebody telling. Come on now, who has the proof for this transaction? Cuz they snitching.)
Deleting overtime hours from the restaurant’s payroll software and failing to compensate employees for overtime work. (Chileeeeeeeeeee! We hope they got their hours written down!) 
Coercing employees to work off the clock for three hours “before they were allowed to go home.” (Really. They COERCED Grown Ass Adults to be Slaves?????)

The former employees are seeking a jury trial. While no specific dollar amount is listed in the complaint, they’re asking for payment of lost wages and attorney fees, plus liquidated, nominal, and punitive damages. (That’s a lot for a few hours and some missed lunches!!!!) 
Tell these hoes to go get a Candy Bar and get happy!

M. I. L. F. Money

Good Evening! On this edition of who broke the Internet the award goes to………………………

Fergie Fergalicious Ferg
If by chance you missed her World Domination, please get into it:

Yes Lawd! Fergie called her girls out to play. 

  • Mother
  • I’d
  • Like
  • To
  • Fuck

Based on the video, we are torn between its premise. Is it

  1. A Female Empowerment Track
  2. A Jump Off Anthem
  3. A Meeting of the Has Beens
  4. A strong representation of Beautiful Mothers

Overall, the video gets a 10/10. Fergie slayed. The song is lit. The visuals are amazing. The song is perfect for the season. And, of course, Fergie can do no wrong!

What are your thoughts??