M. I. L. F. Money

Good Evening! On this edition of who broke the Internet the award goes to………………………

Fergie Fergalicious Ferg
If by chance you missed her World Domination, please get into it:

Yes Lawd! Fergie called her girls out to play. 

  • Mother
  • I’d
  • Like
  • To
  • Fuck

Based on the video, we are torn between its premise. Is it

  1. A Female Empowerment Track
  2. A Jump Off Anthem
  3. A Meeting of the Has Beens
  4. A strong representation of Beautiful Mothers

Overall, the video gets a 10/10. Fergie slayed. The song is lit. The visuals are amazing. The song is perfect for the season. And, of course, Fergie can do no wrong!

What are your thoughts?? 

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