TSB Film Review: Boo: A Madea Halloween

Let’s get into this Truth. This WHOLE TRUTH and Nothing but the TRUTH!!!!!

Last night the ladies and I went to see ‘Boo: A Madea Halloween’ and enjoyed the film extremely. However, before we tell you about the film let’s talk about the theatre. 

Madea (Tyler Perry) winds up in the middle of mayhem when she spends a hilarious, haunted Halloween fending off killers, paranormal poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls, and zombies while keeping a watchful eye on a group of misbehaving teens.

We visited the Carmikes Movie Theatre in the Camp Creek neighborhood of Atlanta. It was dirty as always

  1. It smelled of funnel cake and old mop water
  2. The manager is so pleasant as he was working the Ticket Booth
  3. The Fulton County Sheriff was taking tickets inside. Naturally, we asked him why and he advised the theatre was understaffed and they asked him to do it. #BishWha
  4. When we got to the concession stand we ordered Hot Dogs, they were out. We ordered Pretzels, they were out. 
  5. The Popcorn tasted like it was made 2 days ago then reheated in the sun. 

Finally, we get to the auditorium that was playing our film and we take our seats. The film started off a little slow as Brian (Tyler Perry) has to lay the foundation for Madea coming over. Afraid of his own daughter, Tiffany, combined with his smart refusal to trust her home alone, he calls Madea to babysit. In normal Madea fashion she arrives with Bam, Hattie and Joe. All we can say is, when their powers combine they make you laugh til you cry. 

This film is definitely a MUST SEE. Receiving a 10/10 from the #TSB Team, you must see this film if you haven’t already. Madea shows everyone just how 2 can play that game……..

With this film grossing over $28.5M according to Forbes.com, it’s clear that the World was missing Aunt Mable as well. 

Kudos to Tyler Perry on another Amazing project. 

Hats off to the cast for making this Halloween film one of supreme comedy, fun, family and most important a hit. 

Is Zendaya the New Aaliyah???? Or, Nah!

Some have said recently that Zendaya has channeled her inner Aaliyah. (Cough)! No shade to Daya, however there will NEVER be another Aaliyah. 

In any case, since Ciara is pregnant someone has to take over for the youth to admire. Is Zendaya the girl. !

Yeezy vs. Blue Ivy

As bad as we tried to stay away from this monkey business, we just had to drop our two cents. 

For those who missed it, recently during his tour, Kanye West decided to have a Confession Session. According to the Tea, Ye told the crowd “Our kids have never even played together” — referring to North West and Blue Ivy.

Let the church say Amend as we get into this. 

  1. Beyoncé is the mother of Blue Ivy
  2. Kim K is the mother to North West
  3. Beyoncé is on Tour and has Blue with her most of the time
  4. Kim has no real schedule when compared to the Queen

With all that said, please tell us how the fuck the girls are suppose to play together when they are rarely in the same city. Furthermore, it’s no secret that Bey and Kim aren’t Ace Boom Cooms, so why would one expect them to go out of their way for play dates? Chile Bye! Also, Bey protects her daughter like she protects herself so this means no hanging with Thotties.

Please help us understand why Kanye decided to take his frustrations to the children???? Is it us or, is it not easy to understand why the children haven’t played together yet???? Bey had Blue, rested for 6 weeks then went back on tour! Kim had North West, rested for 6 weeks then went back to taking selfies. 

No shade to Kim but we know that she is a Social Media based Beauty and Fashion Celeb. This allows her to do her thing while Bey runs a Company, Tour and Designs Clothes. 

Let’s get into the back story:

According to Kanye, the rumored joint album between he and Drake didn’t happen because of his involvement with Jay Z’s Tidal.

“Y’all ain’t get what y’all was suppose to get with me and Drake because of some Tidal/Apple [Music] bulls–t,” West said. “This s–t got me tight, yo! Every time I perform [‘N—– in Paris’], I think about this s–t. I think about the politics and the bulls–t. I think about how hard I go for music, for art, for y’all, the fans. How hard we go.”

“It went into some Tidal/Apple political s–t about percentage on songs,” West said. “I can’t take this s–t, bro! Our kids have never even played together.”

Yeezy also revealed that Jay called him after Kim Kardashian West’s Paris robbery, but felt Jay should have visited him in person “like brothers,” rather than call on the phone.

With all that said, we have one question for Yeezy……….

To Be or Not To Be: Monogamy

Monogamy Monday’s are Back!!!!!!!!!!

After an extended absence Monogamy the series is back.

Following the life of key characters who all have their own views on Monogamy. This series is based around a Dr. who counsels couples and individuals on Monogamy and the effects of stepping outside of their partner. We learn in Season One that for every Action there is a Reaction. Now the question remains, what happens when what was done in the dark comes to the light?

The season opens up with the Dr’s birthday party and let’s just say when it comes to his wife, someone was eating more than just the cake………..

As we fast forward to present day, the Dr. is seeing a Dr. Take a guess why!

Ultimately there is one question that sparks a series of questions.

  1. Does Monogamy exist?

More important,

  1. Do ALL people cheat??

This episode starts off slow but lays the foundation for answering the questions that remained from Season One and preparing you for the inflictions that will be in this Season!

Created by Ty Saulsbury this series forces one to look at their own relationship along with their views when it comes to Monogamy and Cheating. 

  • Does Love Conquer all?
  • Is Eating Cheating?
  • Can one move past infidelity?
  • What happens when Ego overshadows right?

Take the time to get into the Season Two premiere. In case you missed Season One, head over to www.MonogamyTheWebSeries.com to get caught up. Trust us, this show is one for the Fav List!

After finding out that Stacy wants a divorce. Grayson finds himself on the receiving end of his own therapy session.

TSB Review: Too Be Frank

I will admit, we are late as hell but we finally got to see Episode 4 of “Too Be Frank!”

This episode hit home for everyone as Frank tackled beauty, the meaning of, and hiding behind a filter! Or, so we thought!

Ha. Yes! This episode is not for the Basics or Uglies. LoL. 

The team watched it as a collective and here’s our TRUTH:

  • Franklin has the weakest friends. Except for Demi. We love us some Demi. 
  • We love the elevated use of Twitter to feed Frank’s thoughts. I think we laughed more at the Tweets than the dialogue. 
  • We need Frank to throw the blue hat away. LoL! No need to hide the Hair-Don’t. LoL!
  • The singer boy got us all in our emotions. His voice Slayed. 
  • Today’s word of the day was “Snatched!” LoL. Y’all know Frank don’t know the lingo. Or, so he says. Oop. 
  • Ooh, where did Santana come from???? Heeeeeeeyyyyyy Santana!
  • Why is Franklin scared to talk to boys? Isn’t He tired of being a NYC Virgin. LoL

Franklin delivers another good episode. The show has really grown Episode by episode. Franklin is growing into NYC and it’s looking good on him. The racial undertones in this episode were done in a comedic way to not offend anyone. With all the racial tension in society, to see it addressed with relation to dating and fitting in makes it just enough for the viewer base. 

Get into episode 4 Below and make sure you stay through the credits to see Episode 5………

Jay Ellis Takes Over Insecure Ep 2

After taking the backseat in Episode 1, Jay Ellis steps it up 100 Notches and fukken kills. 

His character Lawrence is an unemployed app developer seeking inspiration for the next best app. During this episode Lawrence tries to fix the relationship between himself and Issa. While he thinks it’s her Birthday mishap from episode 1 he is unable to get to the root of Issa is refusing to come home or answer his calls. 

During a trip to Rite-Aid he runs into Issa and we have no idea what he said because all of his fineness just took over the whole screen. LoL! He has this scruffy unwashed look going on and it makes you wonder what he smells like. Oop! We bet you he smells like old Polo. LoL!

In other show news, Molly’s broken pussy gets rejuvenated and is still broke. But her hair is LAYED for the Gawdz! 

Issa is on a mission to save the inner city youth. However, she didn’t plan her thoughts out and walks in the boardroom shooting blanks. Oh yeah, her outfit was utter slayage thanks to Molly 911. LoL!

Overall, we are still in love with this show. It has passed our 2 Episode Test. Truth is, we don’t know who we love more Issa, Lawrence, or Molly. That makes it even better.

Make sure you Tune In Sunday’s to HBO for the New Episodes.