#TSB Song Review: Fa$t Life “Legendary” feat Waka Flocka

Let’s get into the truth. This arrived in our inbox last week so naturally we had to put it on the table. 

Fa$t Life is back at it again with a new hit! Fa$t Life (Ed Weathers) has dropped songs with Southside, Future, 2 Chainz and more and the hot Atlanta artist has only been back on the scene for a month or so. Here we are again with another release and this time, Fa$t Life is with Waka Flocka on the hook! We expect more music and more heavy weights to accompany Fa$t Life for the entire fourth quarter of 2016!

Legendary: Starting with an alluring intro the track takes off with a up North feel. The beat puts you in the mind of a 90’s party in the basement with the whole crowd jumping. 

Truth be told, we have no idea who Fa$t Life is (with his FINE ass) or what he’s really talking about. The track jumps between someone being the King of Rap and then having to struggle growing up. The track is one made for a street movement and has the potential to catch on to the consumer base of done right. 

#TSB Favorite Line: “I’m a take a Leap this Year, February!”

Visual: Great visual. Perfect colors for the feel of the track. The blue effect give a darkness that isn’t too dark and matches the beat. 

Beat: The Beat and Quality are up to par. The beat really carries the song as it forces your body to rock and get in the zone. 

Overall: Overall, with all things combined, we rate this track a 6/10. Fa$t Life could have done this by himself. The addition of Wala did nothing for the track.

Make sure to press play and tell us what your thoughts are. According to the interns, they just wanna catch him on his tour bus and show him a Fa$t Life. LoL! Don’t forget to show the artist some love!

Twitter: @FastLifeATLANYC @WakaFlocka

Be on the look out for new music and video releases from Fa$t Life coming soon!

199X The album coming Winter 17 | Flockaveli 2 The album coming Winter 16


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