Fashion Review: Ellesse Heritage Mens White Mountain Collection

Knowing that Fashion is one of the few things that is able to cater to the masses or be fit for one individual, we take a close look at some trendsetters who have been on our radar. There’s a segmentation of Ellesse’s followers who are style leaders: defined by their individuality, they seek out emerging trends, collaborations and limited editions to achieve a considered look. They’re highly brand motivated and willing to pay
 premium pricing to get what they want. They shape the future by honoring the past.
Ellesse Heritage Men’s AW16 is designed for this market. The White Mountain strand’s standouts include an inspiring array of heritage tees – the Badge, Camper and Rafoo – equally at home après-ski or urban soiree.

Coat-wise there’s the front-pocketed Mont – an affordable positioned pullover anorak with a premium punch – and the exceptionally-striped wadded Ginap and the satin-lined Botinelli.

The Ellesse Perugia line is resplendently logo’d with the Vecchie Palla tee delivering a visual explanation of the design’s courtside and alpine roots and the Classics select comes in a pared-back color palette with the Claviano sweats and Maggiora pants both suitably subtle and subtly suitable for every sporting requirement.

The AW16 mountaineering collection is available this week at

Though made for a niche market, this collection is one that catches the eye of many. Take a look at what this season has to offer. We love it and we think you will too.

Ellesse Heritage / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

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