TSB Insecure Show Review

Scrolling through our inbox as usual and we were sent a link to the trailer of Insecure.  

After watching the trailer, we headed to On Demand to do a full show review. 

Now, we all know things happen so, as we went to find the show we found out the cable was off. Oop! Our bad. 

Upon paying the bill we were able to access our On Demand Menu. Shout out to the Pay By Phone option. In any case, we proceeded to TV Shows, then HBO and finally Insecure.


“Two black women share friendship and uncomfortable experiences.”

Let’s get into our rundown. Issa Rae is an amazing, über talented young lady. What started off as a web series entitled, ‘The Mis-Adventures of Awkard Black Girl’ has landed her a spot on HBO under the name ‘Insecure! The politically incorrect ways of the show are absolutely exciting. We haven’t seen anything like this since Dave Chappell. The storyline is relatable. The characters make you think of your personal friends and the fashion is spot on. 

  • Funny
  • Smart
  • Quick Whitted
  • Cute
  • Very Spunky
  • Needy

The show presents you to a few characters who are a part of Issa’s life. These people are key to the story that she lays out for you. The two main people are:

  1. Her Bestfriend: Funny, Fashion Diva, Weave is Layed for the Gawdz, Eye Candy, Issa’s Right Hand. 
  2. Her Boyfriend: Broke, Needy, Ain’t Shit, Cute, Waste of time. 

Throughout the episode Issa takes you on a journey of her normal daily flow. It is also her Birthday so we get to see what the turn up is like. 

We are excited to see what comes of Insecure. Overall the show gets a 9 out of 10. We will be tuned in weekly and we hope you will as well. 

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