#TSB Music Review: Fa$t Life “Angel Dust” (Prod. By Metro Boomin)

Honesty Hour, it’s no secret that the #TSB team has a crush on Fa$t Life. Ever since we did our last review on him his fans have been all in our inbox. Finally after being asked our opinion on this recent track for the 30th time, we figured we had to post it.

FA$T LIFE is an independent artist based in the United States. Between his time in Europe and Japan under his real name Ed Weathers and in the States under various sub labels, FA$T LIFE is a young veteran in the game. The flow is smooth but can cut deep, the lyrics are real and they can teach if you listen. FA$T LIFE makes music now for the people, not the politics.

Here is our honest rundown,

  • Party Track
  • Not Lyrically Heavy
  • More or a Street tone
  • Male Focused track
  • Hidden Story within the lyrics

Overall this track gets a 7 out of 10. It’s not Fa$t Life best work, but it is still a track that could rock the party. The marriage with Metro Boomin is perfect as we all know the Metro Boomin brand has more of a party feel to it.

With over 57k plays as of 10/10/16, it’s no question that the Fa$t Life Fan Base has been engaged with the track. Funny thing is we were in Atlanta for A3C and we didn’t get to see Fa$t Life on any stages or flyers. One would think with such a movement he would have dominated A3C.

Nonetheless, we are supporters of the Fa$t Life Movement and we are excited to see what else his fine ass brings to the table. LoL! Oh yeah, the song has made out Top 10 List for September/October.


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