Jay Ellis Takes Over Insecure Ep 2

After taking the backseat in Episode 1, Jay Ellis steps it up 100 Notches and fukken kills. 

His character Lawrence is an unemployed app developer seeking inspiration for the next best app. During this episode Lawrence tries to fix the relationship between himself and Issa. While he thinks it’s her Birthday mishap from episode 1 he is unable to get to the root of Issa is refusing to come home or answer his calls. 

During a trip to Rite-Aid he runs into Issa and we have no idea what he said because all of his fineness just took over the whole screen. LoL! He has this scruffy unwashed look going on and it makes you wonder what he smells like. Oop! We bet you he smells like old Polo. LoL!

In other show news, Molly’s broken pussy gets rejuvenated and is still broke. But her hair is LAYED for the Gawdz! 

Issa is on a mission to save the inner city youth. However, she didn’t plan her thoughts out and walks in the boardroom shooting blanks. Oh yeah, her outfit was utter slayage thanks to Molly 911. LoL!

Overall, we are still in love with this show. It has passed our 2 Episode Test. Truth is, we don’t know who we love more Issa, Lawrence, or Molly. That makes it even better.

Make sure you Tune In Sunday’s to HBO for the New Episodes. 

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