To Be or Not To Be: Monogamy

Monogamy Monday’s are Back!!!!!!!!!!

After an extended absence Monogamy the series is back.

Following the life of key characters who all have their own views on Monogamy. This series is based around a Dr. who counsels couples and individuals on Monogamy and the effects of stepping outside of their partner. We learn in Season One that for every Action there is a Reaction. Now the question remains, what happens when what was done in the dark comes to the light?

The season opens up with the Dr’s birthday party and let’s just say when it comes to his wife, someone was eating more than just the cake………..

As we fast forward to present day, the Dr. is seeing a Dr. Take a guess why!

Ultimately there is one question that sparks a series of questions.

  1. Does Monogamy exist?

More important,

  1. Do ALL people cheat??

This episode starts off slow but lays the foundation for answering the questions that remained from Season One and preparing you for the inflictions that will be in this Season!

Created by Ty Saulsbury this series forces one to look at their own relationship along with their views when it comes to Monogamy and Cheating. 

  • Does Love Conquer all?
  • Is Eating Cheating?
  • Can one move past infidelity?
  • What happens when Ego overshadows right?

Take the time to get into the Season Two premiere. In case you missed Season One, head over to to get caught up. Trust us, this show is one for the Fav List!

After finding out that Stacy wants a divorce. Grayson finds himself on the receiving end of his own therapy session.

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