#TSB Music Review: Fa$t Life “Angel Dust” (Prod. By Metro Boomin)

Honesty Hour, it’s no secret that the #TSB team has a crush on Fa$t Life. Ever since we did our last review on him his fans have been all in our inbox. Finally after being asked our opinion on this recent track for the 30th time, we figured we had to post it.

FA$T LIFE is an independent artist based in the United States. Between his time in Europe and Japan under his real name Ed Weathers and in the States under various sub labels, FA$T LIFE is a young veteran in the game. The flow is smooth but can cut deep, the lyrics are real and they can teach if you listen. FA$T LIFE makes music now for the people, not the politics.

Here is our honest rundown,

  • Party Track
  • Not Lyrically Heavy
  • More or a Street tone
  • Male Focused track
  • Hidden Story within the lyrics

Overall this track gets a 7 out of 10. It’s not Fa$t Life best work, but it is still a track that could rock the party. The marriage with Metro Boomin is perfect as we all know the Metro Boomin brand has more of a party feel to it.

With over 57k plays as of 10/10/16, it’s no question that the Fa$t Life Fan Base has been engaged with the track. Funny thing is we were in Atlanta for A3C and we didn’t get to see Fa$t Life on any stages or flyers. One would think with such a movement he would have dominated A3C.

Nonetheless, we are supporters of the Fa$t Life Movement and we are excited to see what else his fine ass brings to the table. LoL! Oh yeah, the song has made out Top 10 List for September/October.


Fashion Review: Ellesse Heritage Mens White Mountain Collection

Knowing that Fashion is one of the few things that is able to cater to the masses or be fit for one individual, we take a close look at some trendsetters who have been on our radar. There’s a segmentation of Ellesse’s followers who are style leaders: defined by their individuality, they seek out emerging trends, collaborations and limited editions to achieve a considered look. They’re highly brand motivated and willing to pay
 premium pricing to get what they want. They shape the future by honoring the past.
Ellesse Heritage Men’s AW16 is designed for this market. The White Mountain strand’s standouts include an inspiring array of heritage tees – the Badge, Camper and Rafoo – equally at home après-ski or urban soiree.

Coat-wise there’s the front-pocketed Mont – an affordable positioned pullover anorak with a premium punch – and the exceptionally-striped wadded Ginap and the satin-lined Botinelli.

The Ellesse Perugia line is resplendently logo’d with the Vecchie Palla tee delivering a visual explanation of the design’s courtside and alpine roots and the Classics select comes in a pared-back color palette with the Claviano sweats and Maggiora pants both suitably subtle and subtly suitable for every sporting requirement.

The AW16 mountaineering collection is available this week at www.ellesse.co.uk

Though made for a niche market, this collection is one that catches the eye of many. Take a look at what this season has to offer. We love it and we think you will too.

Ellesse Heritage / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Fashion Review: Roamers and Seekers AW16 Collection

Getting in tune with the Fashion Collections of 2016, we have come across Bristol-born menswear label named ‘Roamers & Seekers.’

Roamers & Seekers is a product of life on the road, twenty years in the making with a strong UK based heritage. Roamers & Seekers fuses contemporary clean-cut design with respect to detail and a strong emphasis on quality. It’s no secret that a collection will always win with QUALITY over QUANTITY.

Roamers & Seekers creates garments that are suited to a variety of lifestyles: from the urbanite immersing himself in the scene to the active outdoor adventurer. Once can always choose to cross blend the elements, however, it’s no secret that one is always true to their core. Elements from these lifestyles influence the design of each range, with each product carefully thought out; from its discrete branding to its practical features that adds exclusivity._w5r0322Elements from the Urban and Outdoor lifestyles influence the design of each range, with each product carefully thought out; from its discrete branding to its practical features that adds exclusivity.

When you think of Roamers & Seekers. Think of clean, grown up street style with a purpose.

Lifestyle photography and marketing material reinforce the emphasis of Roamers & Seekers on visual media. campaign shots showcasing our Autumn/Winter product on the English West Coast.

Get into these exclusive True Slam Book shots showcasing the Roamers & Seekers Autumn/Winter product on the English West Coast.

Roamers & Seekers Online

Roamers & Seekers on Twitter

Roamers & Seekers on Facebook

Roamers & Seekers on Instagram

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TSB Insecure Show Review

Scrolling through our inbox as usual and we were sent a link to the trailer of Insecure.  

After watching the trailer, we headed to On Demand to do a full show review. 

Now, we all know things happen so, as we went to find the show we found out the cable was off. Oop! Our bad. 

Upon paying the bill we were able to access our On Demand Menu. Shout out to the Pay By Phone option. In any case, we proceeded to TV Shows, then HBO and finally Insecure.


“Two black women share friendship and uncomfortable experiences.”

Let’s get into our rundown. Issa Rae is an amazing, über talented young lady. What started off as a web series entitled, ‘The Mis-Adventures of Awkard Black Girl’ has landed her a spot on HBO under the name ‘Insecure! The politically incorrect ways of the show are absolutely exciting. We haven’t seen anything like this since Dave Chappell. The storyline is relatable. The characters make you think of your personal friends and the fashion is spot on. 

  • Funny
  • Smart
  • Quick Whitted
  • Cute
  • Very Spunky
  • Needy

The show presents you to a few characters who are a part of Issa’s life. These people are key to the story that she lays out for you. The two main people are:

  1. Her Bestfriend: Funny, Fashion Diva, Weave is Layed for the Gawdz, Eye Candy, Issa’s Right Hand. 
  2. Her Boyfriend: Broke, Needy, Ain’t Shit, Cute, Waste of time. 

Throughout the episode Issa takes you on a journey of her normal daily flow. It is also her Birthday so we get to see what the turn up is like. 

We are excited to see what comes of Insecure. Overall the show gets a 9 out of 10. We will be tuned in weekly and we hope you will as well. 

#TSB Song Review: Fa$t Life “Legendary” feat Waka Flocka

Let’s get into the truth. This arrived in our inbox last week so naturally we had to put it on the table. 

Fa$t Life is back at it again with a new hit! Fa$t Life (Ed Weathers) has dropped songs with Southside, Future, 2 Chainz and more and the hot Atlanta artist has only been back on the scene for a month or so. Here we are again with another release and this time, Fa$t Life is with Waka Flocka on the hook! We expect more music and more heavy weights to accompany Fa$t Life for the entire fourth quarter of 2016!

Legendary: Starting with an alluring intro the track takes off with a up North feel. The beat puts you in the mind of a 90’s party in the basement with the whole crowd jumping. 

Truth be told, we have no idea who Fa$t Life is (with his FINE ass) or what he’s really talking about. The track jumps between someone being the King of Rap and then having to struggle growing up. The track is one made for a street movement and has the potential to catch on to the consumer base of done right. 

#TSB Favorite Line: “I’m a take a Leap this Year, February!”

Visual: Great visual. Perfect colors for the feel of the track. The blue effect give a darkness that isn’t too dark and matches the beat. 

Beat: The Beat and Quality are up to par. The beat really carries the song as it forces your body to rock and get in the zone. 

Overall: Overall, with all things combined, we rate this track a 6/10. Fa$t Life could have done this by himself. The addition of Wala did nothing for the track.

Make sure to press play and tell us what your thoughts are. According to the interns, they just wanna catch him on his tour bus and show him a Fa$t Life. LoL! Don’t forget to show the artist some love!

Twitter: @FastLifeATLANYC @WakaFlocka

Be on the look out for new music and video releases from Fa$t Life coming soon!

199X The album coming Winter 17 | Flockaveli 2 The album coming Winter 16


#TSB Album Review: ‘A Seat at the Table’ by Solangé

After taking a few years away from the spotlight, Solange comes back with a boom, a bang, and a pow. 

Hitting the consumers with 51 minutes of pure musical magic and harmonious pleasantries we were introduced to ‘A Seat at the Table.” A 21 piece tracklist personally structured by Solange herself, we are introduced to her recent mood, views, feelings and more via:

  1. Rise
  2. Weary
  3. Interlude: The Glory is in You
  4. Cranes in the Sky
  5. Interlude: Dad was Mad
  6. Mad feat. Lil Wayne
  7. Don’t You Wait
  8. Interlude: Tina Taught Me
  9. Don’t touch my Hair feat. Sampha
  10. Interlude: This Moment
  11. Where Do We Go
  12. Interlude: For Us By Us
  13. F. U. B. U. feat. The Dream and BJ The Chicago Kid
  14. Borderline (An Ode to Self Care)
  15. Interlude: I got so much magic, you can have it feat. Kelly Rowland and Nia Andrews
  16. Junie
  17. Interlude: No Limits
  18. Don’t Wish Me Well
  19. Interlude: Pedestals
  20. Scales feat. Kelela
  21. Closing: The Chosen Ones

The album opens with the soft melodic sounds of Rise. As always Solange captivates you with her smooth harmonies, perfect inflections and story based lyrics. As you continue on the project, you are taken on a journey. One of self recognition, survivor power, life lessons, and most of all purpose. 

Towards the end of the project, Solange brings Master P. of No Limit into the story with his own story. Allowing P to express his story and reasonings, Solange adds a soundtrack to the story by pick up musically where the story begins to fade. 

Teaching the power in No Limit you find out the meaning of Drive, Struggle and the will to Persevere. The combination of Master P. and Solange provides a mystical journey into power and control combined with self love and drive. The epic blend is such a powerful force that you wonder to yourself if Solange did this on purpose given the current standings of black lives in America. 

Though this project is not heavy with too many features, Solange has just enough with the perfect people. Needless to say, she knows who she works well with. 

#TSB Favorites:

  • Weary: Smooth. Easy Listening. Powerful message.
  • Mad: 90’s feel. Aaliyah vibe. Expressatory track. Relatable for the stories of the team. Great harmonies. Not too heavy while carrying a heavy message.
  • Don’t Touch My Hair: Epic translation of the Power in a Hair Du. 
  • Interlude: No Limit: Inspiring. Powerful. Truth. 

This is a TrueSlamBook certified project. It gets an overall score of 10/10. Solange has yet again outdone herself. More importantly, she has provided the black race with hope, inspiration, and reason at a time when the Nation is divided and the message is being carried that “Black Lives Matter!”