About Him is About Done!

The Truth shall set you FREE! It’s no secret that the once hit web series, “About Him” is now About DONE!

What started off described as, “A scripted series about a young man trying to find himself and love in a confused stage in his life where he is struggling with his sexuality.” With a detailed outline of: “All of Damien’s focus is on him. Every thought. Every action. Is all about him. His touch. His kiss. His tongue. But Damien’s focus alters as he leaves home for the first time with little knowledge of how to manage what he’s feeling on the inside. His father and older brother blind to his sexuality, like most, Damien must learn the ways of the gay life with little guidance. The drama. The sex. The regrets. But there’s always a way out. There’s always him.” 

Has now turned into the overdone, undershot, SEX driven web series of the year. With all fairness, the book by Tyson Anthony that the show is based off had strong sexual tones which provided a sexual pleasure with class. Fast forward to the work of Henderson Maddox and you get a mini series for Porn Hub. 

Recently while roaming social media the below post came to our attention. Get into this post as it paints the picture of the demise of what was once held as one of the top web series in urban LGBT Culture. 

With all that said it’s time for their team to go back to the drawing board. Especially when now we got a series about erbody who was on About Him. Chile Cheese! The way the cast was set up they were not that interesting. 

Speaking of the Cast!!!!!! Can we get into it??? Not all of it, but just a lil bit!

  • Who told Brandon Karson that Blonde worked for him?
  • Gary LaVard is still the best thing from the show but he’s letting Henderson saturate him in a not so good way. 
  • Darone Okolie needs to be re-casted. 
  • Rahim Brazil __________ #DeathToThatIdea

At the end of the day it has ran it’s course. Maybe they can get $50,000 for Steel River or one of the other 117 shows on Signal 23 TV but as far as About Him…….. It is About Time they let Him GO!!!!

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