Gucci Mane Proposes!!!!

No Shade, we love us some Love, however, is it us or is this one engagement that we really just didn’t care about?????

In any case, in case you were sleep! Gucci Mane proposed to long time fool, we mean girlfriend Keyshia Slim Thick Noir.

It’s Cute or Whateva!

She serving you Lil Kim the Revision while he giving you Tanned Mickey Mouse teas!!!! Sooooooooooo, does this engagement mean he’s gonna be faithful?

  1. Does this mean she can no longer use ALL she got to get ALL she want?
  2. Does he still have a career?

This wedding is gonna be hood-a-Lucius cute. Big Booty, Small Waist and Jewelz all over the place.

Dear Keyshia-Noir, can we get an invite so we can write about the Wedding Hood-a-Mony???

Sound off Bookers. Are you for this engagement????


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