#TSB So-Real ft. Unique “Would You Mind” Review

Just like the night turns to day we have another artist dropping a new track. Today’s review will be on “So-Real ft. Unique of Metal Roze – Would You Mind” a blend of R&B and Rap blended just right for the season.

With all that said, the video annoyed the shytt out of us…. TrueSlamBookers, you know we got to keep it 1000.

  1. Why is Unique trying so hard to look so Bout Dat when in all actuality we all Doubt Dat.
  2. The rappers voice is smooth and goes perfect with the beat, however the image he is giving off throws the whole song off and makes us hate the visual…… He needs to fire his stylist and whoever is handling his branding.
  3. The girl in the video is cute but why are they spotlighting her Instagram purchased outfits? No Shade, but they must be spotlighting someones Boutique in exchange for gear. #Oop
  4. Overall the song gets a 7 out of 10. We would play this while just kicking it around the house.
  5. The video gets a 2 out of 10… They just need to #LetItGo
  6. On a good not tho, at least So-Real is FINE


Get into this video and tell us what you think!

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