Married But Single the 2nd Time

After the amazing success of part one Mr. Johnson is back at it for part two and we are here for it. We had to make sure you knew it was coming so you could be ready. 

The original Married But Single was as follows:

Sharon Wilson is in love with R&B sensation, Julian Johnson, who knows everything about singing about love and nothing about how to give it. So after three years of empty promises and fighting off side chicks, Sharon steps out and maybe even steps up as an old flame walks into her life and gives her a taste of all the love she’s been missing. Come enjoy the ever-entertaining Je’Caryous Johnson experience and find out what happens when “I Do” turns into “I did” and a couple conveniently become Married But Single.

With this amazing line up this is sure to please. We can’t wait to hear Chante Moore on the Mic with that Angelic voice. And Lisa Raye betta not have on all white through the whole play either. 

If you seen the first play, let us know what you thought of it. 

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