Dexx is in Flexx Mode

Texas based artist, Dexx Almighti has been making some noise with his recent release entitled “DexxTape!”

Well, off the record there have been rumors going around about an alleged sex tape. According to the story, Dexx was filmed while getting bobble from a female. Some see she set it up to gain notiarity off his name. Others say his cloud was hacked and the video stolen. 

Whatever the case may be, we are here for what this video may have to offer when it surfaces. In the meantime, someone sent us some personal pics from their Snapchat convo with Dexx. 

Ladies, are you liking his new fronts?? According to a few of the TSB interns they say Dexx has that baby face that looks innocent which usually means he’s the freaky type……. Hmmmmmmm

We will keep you posted on if this tape surfaces. In the meantime, check Dexx out at,

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