The Foolery of “Chasing: Atlanta”

Another Day, Another Web Series. This time the series of the moment is entitled, “Chasing: Atlanta.” According to the shows post the breakdown is as follows:

In the season opening of “Chasing: Atlanta”, Chef and Entertainer Devon Frazier plans kickback with LoMario to network with other LGBTs in Atlanta; Cameron meets with Dooney to plan for his Fashion Show Layton’s Boutique; Jaylon moves to Atlanta to promote his brand.

However, before we give you the episode, let us give you our TakeEA! The TSB team got together to view this as a collective as to ensure the views weren’t one-sided.

Truth: The ONLY person in the show with a REAL NAME in the INDUSTRY is L2Choreographer to the Stars, Lyrik London. Truth be told, the only reason to watch the show is to see what Lyrik London is up to since he is barely on Social Media anymore… LoL!

In all seriousness, here’s the cast rundown

Lyrik London– Certified BOSS, Choreographer, Actor, Director,

Jaylon– Creator of a 3 Part Sew-In…….. Never Heard of Her, but her creation SLAYS!

Skye– Manager of Just Nico….. Who is Just Nico and the Skye must have fell because no one knows him on the team….

Cameron– Fashion Designer…….. Gurl BYE!!!!! Can she get as little airtime as possible??? She’s Boring, and her fashions remind you of She by Sheree……. Void!

Akeem– Public Figure…… We don’t know what Public she is a Figure of, but ain’t nobody seen her since “Trade It All” when Lyrik was the TV Reporter… **Cough** (We hear she got on because she begged Lyrik to make it happen… It’s hearsay, but say hear….. LoL)

Devon– No one knows what he does but his Shape Up is LAIDDDDDDDDDDDDDD… Is he the one who created the show??? In any case, he be ready to throw them HANDS!!!

Out of ALL the LGBT Movers and Shakers in Atlanta, they come up with this List???? This has got to be the “Hook My Gurlfriend Up” list, because only TRUE Bosses based on footage (and what we know off camera) are Lyrik, Jaylon (as we said the creation is a beast), and…………. #Oop

Okay, now you take the time to get into it and let us know what you think!

Creators: Kevon Burns, An’Darrio Abrams
Ex. Producer – Nico Cobb
Director (for Episode) – Fonda Johnson, An’Darrio Abrams, Kevon Burns, Nico Cobb
Camera Crew/Department for Episode: Isiah Freeman, Christian Mayhew, Kevon Burns, An’Darrio Abrams, Marcel Wade, Nico Cobb, Christopher Vance.

Overall, we give the show a 4/10. Granted, it is episode 1, so we know we can’t get it all in one show… However, we shall see how the Season unfolds….. or deflates…… LoL

2 thoughts on “The Foolery of “Chasing: Atlanta””

  1. Give these guys a chance. They are chasing a dream not quite living it. It’s blogs like this that tend to destroy potential careers and the will to push further. Please wait until there are enough episodes before you start putting negativity in the air.


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