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Remy Ma Murders Minaj

As we aren’t one to takes sides as we can only tell the truth. In the world of Clap Backs, NYC Female Emcee Remy Ma has taken the Title. In her new track SHether she claps back at Nicki Minaj for her recent shots thrown during her verse on “Make Love” by Gucci Mane.

Now, there are many versions as to what started the whole hoopla, however, it no longer even matters as Remy has bodied Nicki in a way that many feel there can be no comeback from.

In case you haven’t caught up yet, press play below to hear Remy Ma “SHether” which is the same beat that Nas murdered Jay-Z on….. No Shade!

Kanye is now Jim Jones

Here we go again with the Chronicles of Narnia….. We mean Yeazy!!!! According to the tea pot, Yeezy checked himself into a hospital last night (November 21) as Jim Jones. The name is fitting as we know Jim is crazy as a bed bug. #NoShade

Lawenforcementt sources tell TMZ, the call came in as a male with mental illness. Dr. Michael Farzam said his patient’s name was “Jim Jones, 39 years old, 5’8″, 175 lbs … suffers from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.” According to the police report the doctor told cops he had placed Kanye on a 5150 psychiatric hold and wanted him taken to UCLA Medical Center. There’s an issue over whether the doctor actually placed Kanye on a 5150. (TMZ)

In any case, here’s what Jim had to say:


Are you here for the foolery with Kanye and Jim???? #Soundoff

Humanitarian Award Winner: K. Michelle Claps Back. 

Today in Atlanta, K. Michelle hit the main stage to perform as a part of the Black Gay Pride Festivities. Upon her arrival on stage she was presented with a humanitarian award. Upon her acceptance speech, K. Michelle executed her engagement with the fans and a mini concert with some fan favs from her musical catalog.

As we know, everything that glitters isn’t Gold. So let’s talk! K posted a visual with reference to her award and was met with inquiry from a fan. 

In traditional K. Michelle style, she went back to her Memphis roots and got brawlic. 

K. Michelle Claps Back (photo via The Shade Room)
Booker’s, let’s talk for a moment. Based on the definition, a HUMANITARIAN is as follows:

hu·man·i·tar·i·an (h)yo͞oˌmanəˈterēən/


  1. concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare.”groups sending humanitarian aid”
  2. synonyms: compassionate, humane


  1. a person who seeks to promote human welfare; a philanthropist.
  2. synonyms: philanthropist, altruist, benefactor, patron, social reformer, good Samaritan;

Though we may not know all that K. Michelle does when the cameras aren’t around, the fact still remains that her brand has been tarnished with alleged hatersaion, lies, and social media wars. With this is it not understandable for one to make the inquiry of why SHE of all people would receive the Humanitarian award. Instead of taking the high rode she slips back into her Gay Boy Mode and attempts to read for Filth! K, no shade Ma but have SEVERAL. 

In any case, we don’t blame K. Michelle, she’s just the recipient. Blame it on the powers that be who chose her. No Shade, but these are the same ones that got Erica Mena and MiMi Faust to come out today and present the award to Freddy O. as well!!!!!! 

Really??? We infer the only pre-requisite to qualify is to be a Messy Queen! #TSB. 

Tell us what you think Booker’s. Soundoff!

The Streetz are Talking about the Death of Bankroll Fresh

The “Ballin Like a Hot Boy” Superstar was def taking the industry by storm. As much as we hate to say this, but it is no surprise that a Hater chose to Hate and end the young rappers life early for no reason.

It was reported earlier today by Precise Earz online:

After Bankroll Fresh was murdered out side of Street Execs studio over the weekend, new claims have surfaced on the internet net alleging that Rapper No Plug Killed Bankroll Fresh. Sources have confirmed that Bankroll Fresh & No Plug did have a physical altercation which ultimately lead to Bankroll Fresh’s death.

“Well I just wanted to let you all know what exactly happened. The homicide was between street execs artist Skully (aka No Plug) and Bankrollfresh) . A fight took place in the studio and they ran off with bankroll’s gun . He chased them and when he got outside they started firing at him . There were soo many gun shells because both sides were firing shots outside.” – Instagram

We placed a phone call and here is what has us shocked. It was told that Bankroll Fresh whipped the shytt out of No Plug. Chile , the said by the time Bankroll was done, No Plug had to find a Plug. As the chase began it gets very grey as to the massacre of Bankroll Fresh.

If both sides was shooting, why is Bankroll the only one deceased?

If this was so random, why does it seem so well executed?

Why didn’t anyone help Bankrolls Brother?

If one nigga would have help me stop that fight my lil brother would still be here 😭😭😭👌👌💯💯💯

A photo posted by streetmoney (@streetmoneycnote10) on Mar 6, 2016 at 11:37am PST

Street Money C-Note let it be known, all someone had to do was help him and his brother would still be alive.

This is why no one has a Studio in the Atlanta anymore. Most are now on the outskirts of the city, according to a #TSB Insider. It has been said that the studios that have been in the Atlanta Metro area are targets for violence.

Our condolences go out to the family of Bankroll Fresh, we had the pleasure to meet him once and he was so humble and full of life. He was a young man on a mission. A mission of Greatness.

On another note, who snitched on No Plug???

No Plug

Scrappy vs. William

Lil’ Scrappy isn’t exactly a Wendy Williams fan. Scrappy believes she’s out to destroy and go against her own people. He brought up the fact that she had negative comments to say about Missy Elliott, the Married To Medicine cast, Bill Cosby and others. Lil’ Scrappy claims she bashes blacks but praises all of the other races. Scrappy says,

“Love u cause you’re black but hate the way u act.”

Some fans sided with Lil’ Scrappy as they pointed out all of the negativity on her show. Other fans brought Scrappy up-to-date by reminding him that Wendy has been talking sh*t about people for 20 plus years, and she doesn’t discriminate with her hate and shade. Well unfortunately for Lil’ Scrappy and those that feel the same, Wendy’s contract has been renewed through 2022.


The True TEA. No Honey. Extra Tea Leaf about @LivingAdrene


In case you have been out of the loop, say hello to Adrene Ashford. Adrene is Fashion Stylist and recent breakout star from the reality series “Sorority Sisters” that aired on Vh1 a few weeks back and was canceled a few weeks later. #TrueTea

Throughout the few weeks of a Season we at #TSB kept out mouths shut just to see what the kick back was going to be. Well here is our rundown:

Adrene was the Fav.
MeToya was Lost.
Priyanka was the Hoodratt.
Shannon was the White girl who didn’t wanna be known as the White girl but was still a white girl.
April was Thirsty.
Everyone else was Void.

There’s your re-cap of the whole Season. Now, recently we seen a posting on Adrenes Instagram (Adrenes IG)that lead to this post. The comment said “HaHa. Was it worth it? Now your career is over.” Like the Lady she is Adrene didn’t say anything but Babeeeeeeeeeeeeee her Fans went IN.


Now you know we here at like to Mind our Own Business. However, this one time I had to make an exception. Adrene was Adrene before Sorority of No Sisters and she will be Adrene after. This California Beauty is a #Fashion Beast. From Film to TV to Music Videos, she does it all. Truth be told (clears throat) she bout the ONLY one who was relevant before the show.

Now, though we may not reside in Atlanta we frequent the City. Every time we are there and take a trip down Peter St. “House of Adrene” (H. O. A) which is the Couturé Boutique owned by Adrene is NEVER pressed for customers. We’ve even seen her On a few Sets in the L. A. area.

All in all, let us end with this. To hate on a person based on perception is a sign of Weakness. So the show wasn’t Perfect, Bytch neither is You. Let me follow you with a camera 24/7 then Edit the Footage how I want to without you knowing. I bet you some of your TRUTHS will came out too you Raggedy Ann Doll Face Bytch. #ThatIsAll