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#TSB Sisters of the New South Review

Happy Saturday Slammers, we hope your weekend is well. Let’s get into today’s TRUTH. Recently, a slammer asked us to visit a restaurant entitled “Sisters of the New South” located at 27 Piedmont Ave Northeast, Atlanta, Ga 30303 and give it an evaluation. The slammer provided us with a gift certificate for the team so naturally we had to oblige. LoL!

We began by attempting to call in our order ahead of time. The phone rang for 12 minutes before we finally hung up upon retrieval of the answering service. When it comes to customer service we are a stickler for fairness and consumer awareness. The establishment not answering during business hours is unacceptable as the site suggest for one to call in. With that said, let’s get into today’s trip
to SOTNS. 

We will start with the Did Wells:

  1. Large space with ample seating. 
  2. Extra clean common area. 
  3. Ideal temperature setting. 
  4. Amazing use of the Natural Light. 
  5. Nice food set up allowing you to see what options you have. 
  6. Superb Customer Service. 
  7. Employees Greeted us with a smile. 

Now let’s talk the Do Better Next Times:

  • No Menus anywhere on the wall. There was a 8”x12” piece of paper on the counter for all to share. 
  • Extremely SLOW Service. 
  • Bad process coordination. 
  • Poorly trained staff. 

Here’s the full breakdown:

Upon arrival we were behind 2 gentlemen. One had ordered and the other was waiting to order. He had the paper menu in his hand and kept it even after he ordered. As we stepped to the “Order Here” area we found a folded menu in the corner of the counter. 

The 2 staff members who were at the counter were tied up making the plates for those prior to us. Oppose to working together and each take a side of the food station, one do meats and one do sides, they chose to work around each other and make the process even slower. 

From our point of entry to placing our order it was a 8 minute wait. Upon greeting us the young lady was very pleasant, apologized for the wait and provided us a smile. Upon taking our order, the confusion started all over again. During this time we observed 4 people come in and depart due to the lack of efficiency. 

No lie, had we not paid the meter to park we would have departed as well. Oh yeah, there’s no free parking. 

6 minutes after placing our order the plates were done. As we headed down the counter to the register we noticed a stack of menus next to the end of the food station. Absolutely the wrong end of the counter. Nevertheless, we get to the register and the young lady who was assisting us is unable to ring us up. She advises we will be checked out by the other young lady who was still making the plates for the first gentleman who we mentioned earlier. After waiting about 2 minutes the young lady who made our plates went to the back and retrieved someone else who could ring us up. 

Now! For the meat and potatoes, THE FOOD! We ended up with,

  • Hamburger Steak
  • Turkey Wings
  • Smothered Pork Chops
  • Collard Greens
  • Green Beans
  • Mac N Cheese
  • Dressing
  • Cornbread
  • Red Rice

The food was absolutely Amazing. Oh my gosh! Everything was seasoned to perfection. The gravy was perfectly made. The meat was tender and the dressing was superb. We all know how easy it is to mess up some dressing. 
Overall, we give the following grades,

  • Experience
  1.  6/10
  • Efficiency
  1. 2/10
  • Cleanliness
  1. 10/10
  • Food
  1. 10/10
  • Pricing
  1. 8/10
  2. The only reason it’s not a 10/10 is because the desserts are all $4.75, which is not cost efficient. 
  • Value Price vs. Portion
  1. 7/10
  2. All sides are 1 scoop and the meats were 1 (medium sized) piece each. 

All in all, SOTNS provided us an amazing meal. However, due to the slow service and child like portions, we won’t be visiting too often but we will go back for some dressing. 

Sisters of the New South

“Dear White People” The TrueSlamBook Re-cap

Last night I had the chance to finally see “Dear White People.”

According to the story line via IMDB: “Dear White People” is  “A social satire that follows the stories of four black students at an Ivy League college where controversy breaks out over a popular but offensive black-face party thrown by white students. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the film explores racial identity in acutely-not-post-racial America while weaving a universal story of forging one’s unique path in the world. Written by Anonymous


Tessa Thompson plays the bi-racial, good hair, girl who uses racial equality to hide her vulnerability and shortcomings. She portrays the role of a Sistah Souljah type when in all actuality she is India Arie.

Through her character ‘Sam’ you get the chance to see some of the issues minorities face every day from a perspective that provides a comedic relief yet still causes you to face reality. Tessa truly played this role and provided us the viewer to live through her antics and socially driven politics.

BrandonBrandon P. Bell plays a character by the name of Troy. Now first off as you can see Brandon is FINE in the NAME. Then on top of that every outfit he wore was sculpted like the designer made it for his body. Lastly, every time he hit the screen my juice box began to flow. Haaaaaaaaaaay Brandon.

Fine boy

Of course with his good comes the bad. Troy is the uncle Tome student with Daddy issues. He is afraid to do what he wants to do and is living the life his daddy has outlined for him. His ole weak ass then had the nerve to be dating a white girl named Sofia, played by Brittany Curran, who is the daughter of his dads arch nemesis. It makes for a great storyline until CoCo gets in the mix…… #Oop

teyonah-parris-as-cocoCoCo, played by Teyonah Parris is the BouGhetto black girl fro the SouthSide who swears she doesn’t fit in with the other black students. This weave wearing, blue eyed poppin, Prada Bag toten Diva refuses to accept the fact that she is brown skinned. Dark brown at that. She aggravates me through the whole movie and I wanna jump through the screen and beat her wanna be celeb-reality start face ass. Nevertheless, she redeems herself for me when she checks the shytt out of Troy at the end of the movie.

DWP 1Yes bytch, it was that kinda checkmate.


Tyler James with his ole Everybody Hates Chris face ass shows us a side of him we have never seen. We all know he is a great comedic actor, nut in this film Lionel is a whole different type of character. The low self-esteem, too white to be black type of boy is intimidated by his peers as he isn’t ‘Down’ enough. LoL! Finally in the end he gets Mad and goes in on that #IkeTurnUp status. You know soon as he got mad I got happy. You know I loves me a man with anger issues. LoL.

Main Girl

Chile, when Sam pulls out this camera in the film I broke out crying. Who’s Grandmothers Grandmother had that camera sitting in the addict looking like it runs on 35mm film by Fuji…… LoL


All in All, the Cast was Amazing.


The Film was Phenomenal.


And, we will be buying it on DVD and Blue-Ray……….. -TSB


Has @FreefallSeries Fallen???? The kids are speaking OUT!!!!!!!

For those whom may not be too caught up on YouTube TV let me catch you up!

Band of Artist also known as BOA present themselves as follows:  “BAND of ARTISTS is a filmmaking collective made up of three “brothers in art” and based in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta. BOA believes in providing EDGY, DIVERSE and COMPELLING content for film, television and the web while seeking to be a resource and inspiration to artists new and old who are committed to defying the odds and creating their own artistic revolution.”

These brothers gave the Youtube world “Freefall” the Series!

4This series is about some boys, who are gay, and something or another.  I don’t know, here’s how they classify it: “For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined, by their sexuality. Follow as they are lured into the dark side of Atlanta’s street life.” More recently with the introduction of Season: 2 they state:

6“The hit crime drama series is back! Season 2 has the guys coping with new acquaintances, changing relationships and retribution from past decisions. Reality is distorted and salvation is a fairy tale. This time its do or die.”

Now, I will admit:

5Season 1 was cute or whatever! The Eye Candy was Pleasing. The Story was Juicy. And, the Scandal was the TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eye Candy
Eye Candy

I don’t know what happened with Season 2 but, Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it has LOST it! The Eye Candy is still there, but the story is a bore. I tell you no lie, I was KNOCKED out in the name watching the last episode. Between the stay in Miami and the New Elements, they have not only lost their CORE but they lost their niche for what drew the viewers.

I wasn’t going to say anything but when the Comments went to the heights of ALL heights, I had to speak now or forever hold my non-peace!

Free FallI am no more good. All I know is No Shade to BOA or Freefall but can I get the Original Ingredients back???? Please remove this current recipe……

Now, in TrueSlamBook Tradition! Here’s your Eye Candy:



Babeeeeeeeeee, 2Chainz and this $295.00 Burger No Ma’am!!!!!!

Listen Linda, we here at TrueSlamBook enjoy us a Good Meal and we EATS…. But I am NOT paying $295.00 for a damn Cheeseburger. First of all, I can get me some shoes because you know I am a showholic. Secondly, I can go take me a day trip somewhere cuz you know  I love for a good Gurls Day Out!

Let me start at the beginning.

1GQ Magazine has released their most recent installment of their new subject “GQ’s Most Expensivest S***” taking place in NYC and it included noted rapper 2 Chainz and Chef Joe Calderone.

Catch Up:

This burger sells for $295.00 and its ingredients consist of: Japanese Wagyu beef infused with 10-herb Truffle Butter, Heirloom Tomato Ketchup, 18-month old cheese aged in a cave, Beluga Caviar, shaved Italian black Summer Truffles, a Quail egg, a Gold and Diamond toothpick, and a 24-karat gold-dusted Bun.

Hellllllllllllll the fukkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Nawlllllllllllll………. I will not put such an experiment in my mouth. Mind You, I don’t know who Wagyu is from Japan. You can keep all 10 of your herbs you put in that butter and just give me some land-o-lakes butter. Keep your Heirloom and pass me the Heinz. The bats can keep that cheese in the cave with them, hand me the American Cheddar by Helluva Good. Beluga can keep her Babies, The Black Summer can keep its Shavings for next Winter and that Quail can keep its Partridge looking ass offspring.egg. No, to the toothpick, and give me a bun from Kroger, Stop&Shop, or Save-A-Lot!!!! My Burger just cost $2.95, BoW!!!!!!!

4Then he really eats itttttttttttttttttt. Lawd give me strength! 2 Chainz is from Atlanta and he know he wants a plate from Busy Bees on MLK! Not this Experiment of a Burger!!!!!

No shade to Fine Cuisine, i’ll take Sub Shop on the Corner or North Ave and Aisquith in Baltimore, or Stashs on Blue Hill from Boston, i’ll even take the spot on Pioneer Ave in Lincoln, Nebraska!

3Tell me this: Would you eat this Hand Sculpted Artistic Burger????