Don’t Make a #Music Video like this and Send it to Me!!!! Why u do that @IvanKalii?

Don’t Judge Me! But, you know I must keep it 100%

We all know we here at #TSB #Support the #Indie #Artist Movement and we will support growth and development in any way we can! However! When you do a Music Video and send it out in a Blast it better be up to Standards. I understand there may not be a budget, but good gosh, just shoot in a Dark Room for that matter!

Let’s Talk: Ivan Kalii! This young man is making his rounds and hitting the Industry with some good music and according to the Ladies of TSB, he’s not bad on the eyes! But, Babeeeeeeeee! When I ever got his recent Video Release “Slim Thick!” I lost my Mind (in a bad way).

Now, to cover himself, he did advise it was a Viral Video! Check it out:

Now, let me give Props where Props are due! I don’t know who “Premeditated Murda Films” is but they did a #Fyre ass video. The Editing Skill put into this Viral Video was Stellar. Also, Shouts to ZaYy Boy, whomever he may be!Though the video aggravated me, he def Directed the Shytt out of it as it was def cohesive to the song!

photo 4

Now, in Tradition of TSB, I must tell the TRUTH and Nothing but the TRUTH…….

First Off, this damn couch aggravated me!

photo 1 (1)


I get it’s a “Viral Video” and All, but Damn son! There was madddddddddd scenes on the Couch. Now, don’t get me wrong the couch is nice! Shout out to the Couch! But, all them scenes on it made me wanna cry. Then the couch is in front of a Blank Ass WALL….. I can appreciate wanting to Keep the Shot Clean but Good Googa Mooga!!!! Can we do a Brick Wall? Or , an Overlay of something! Ahhhhhhhh….

Second! Get into Pic 1 vs. Pic 2:


photo 2 (1)



photo 3 (1)


You see it?????? In case you missed it! In Pic 1, there is a cord of some sort in the right hand corner of the screen next to the couch! In pic 2, it is gone. You see it now???? Right!

Mind You, whoever the hell was in charge of continuity needs to be #Coached. As much as I wanted to enjoy the video, that damn cord kept aggravating my peripheral vision and forcing me to look at it….. I wanted to pause the video and Tweet Ivan to move the damn Cord! Haaaaaaay Ivan! #NoShade

Okay, now here is where I fell out the chair in TEARS! Viewing the video, I liked the lil hallway effect when he keepin it real Swaggy, chillin in the hallway.

photo 4 (1)

But, Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! When that camera ever came out and showed the TRUTH:

photo 2

I was no more Good!!!!!!!! Yaaaassssssssss Bytch Yasssssss, for the Apartment Hallway effect on the Stairs inside the House!!!!!!!!!!!! This ended my whole Lyfe!!!!!!!!!!!

All in All, This video gets a 10 out of 10 for Quality! 9 out of 10 for Visual Story Telling! And, a 2 out of 10 for Viewer Satisfaction! #NoShade #TrueTea

Nevertheless, you know we are still Fans of Ivan Kalii and #Salute the #Movement…. The Ladies of #TSB can’t wait to Meet him… LoL!!!! -TSB

photo 3

Sooooo, Do You feel for @RayRice27 or Nah??? You know I got something to Say!

Listen! You know I try to stay out of peoples business! But, every now and again I must say a lil sumtin. Babeeeeeeeeeee, I have no Idea what caused it but we ALL see the Result!

Rice Fiance

In case you have been under a rock, catch up! Ray Rice hits his at the time Fiance’ with a #TKO in the Name of Holyfield, Tyson, and Mayweather!!!! No Shade, but it was a Blow of All Blows.

Before I begin! Here is the Video, courtesy of TMZ: (Brace Yourself)

Now, after you gather your thoughts, lets Talk! I don’t know what lil mamas did, but the way he womped her and she hit the rail lawd have MERCY! Poor Baby! Then she out cold like a Rag Doll. He tryna get her shoes and drag her out.

I don’t know who the Security Guard was who stood there, he could have at least help sit her sleep ass up on the wall! #IJS

After this, a few months back Ray released an Apology (via: Perez Hilton Online) for his actions. As a result he received a 2 Game Suspension…… Well, clearly this was before the video got leaked! Now with the Video leaked, he has been Dropped from the Baltimore Ravens and Suspended Indefinitely from the NFL.

I mean like, so like, basically like! What you iz sayin is that when it was all quiet and the Public wasn’t aware of the Severity you wanted to Sweep it under the Rug! Now that it’s VIRAL for the WORLD to see, now you wanna take a Stance!!!!! Chile Booh…. All youz guys be beating your Girlfriends, Wives, Fiance’, and Side Chicks and just Pray for Goodness it stays Quiet!

Now, #TrueTea time. I know Ray through a mutual friend and he is a very genuine, fun going individual! No one paid me to say that, i’m being HONEST! I hate to admit, but I feel bad for him.

We don’t know what was said, nor do we know how “Hard” her hit was. Granted we can assume it wasn’t as hard as his, but #TrueTea in the Heat of the Moment if a bytch need to be hit, you hit her. She knew her Limits and his Temper so don’t wanna play all Victim now cuz the World somewhat feel sorry for your Kitten Heel Wearin Ass!!!!!!! #NoShade, you seen them Kitten Heels!


To: Ray Rice! If you read this, know that I feel bad for you! I feel they are going to use you as an example because of your Race, Rank, and Celeb-izm. I don’t condone you hittin lil Tu-Tu, but I can understand that during an intense moment things happen.

Though, nothing can excuse Domestic Violence, all you had to do was SHAKE THE SHYTT outta her, and mess that Wet Wrap up and she would have been fine! Nevertheless, what’s done is done and we can’t take it back. Michael Vick came back from his lil Dog Fighting matter, and Chris Brown came back from beating Ri-Ri, I think you will be fine.

Learn from this, and move forward. Whatever you do, don’t go to no WEAK ASS Team. If it gets that bad just Retire and go hide. You Ballin anyways!!!!!! -TSB

So, @IAMBENZINO is in #Attack Mode towards the #Haters…. I got an #EXCLUSIVE from @MsRainyLoc… #SheDidThat

You know on TrueSlamBook we keeps it ALL the way R E A L… This is def one for the books. This is so Hott it got sent directly to my Cell by the Source…. Babeeeee, Get Ready! Set! I’m bout to #Go!

This is EXACTLY what was sent to my phone that begin the Whole Story...
Oh Yeah… She is Hott with Him…..

Now, just so you can see Exactly what Benzino Posted that included Rainy here it is Up Close:

Oop!!!!!!!!! #HeDidThat
Oop!!!!!!!!! #HeDidThat

Now let’s get into it. When I asked Rainy  “What Happened” the Levy Broke and the Water begun to FLOW….. See for yourself!

photo 2


photo 3





Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, can you say #BOOM…………

Now I don’t know what truly happened to cause Benzino to go Hard and include Rainy like he did, but whatever it was had to do with his Fiance’ Thi Thi and he wasn’t having it. But Trust! Rainy wasn’t either as you see…..

Now, you know I loves me some Ray Benzino (#617 #02119 Stand Up) and my gurlfriend Ms. Thi Thi, I even copped her New Single “Ghetto Love” Ghetto Love off iTunes! However, in tradition of TrueSlamBook, I must keep it 100% and this is a bit much.

So, you run Hip Hop Weekly! You’re a cast member on Love&Hip-Hop: Atlanta, yet you have time to create a collage and #Post it on #Instagram and call individuals #Haters! Not only is this a act that is suppose to be beneath you, but it is the actions of a female or as Rainy said “BitchAssNukka!” No Shade, but it is what it is. Furthermore, Thi Thi chilling and paying nothing no attention so why are you?

I mean since we on the topic, and you bought it up not me; I have always felt Zino was lil messy. Mind You! On #LHHATL he is always getting into it with one of the femal cast members, then when Stevies Philly ass PoP Off he wanna be like “Bros before Hoes!!!!” No nukka PoP Back….. Oh Wait!!! He did PoP Back… On Social Media:

Zino Tweets




Zino Tweets 2

And, Stevie kept it #Simple:


Don’t make me take you back to the days you was rolling with the RSO Crew Zino!!!!! Is this a Trend?? Is there a such thing as a Social Media Thug??? Wait, Is this Cyber-Bullying????

Past that, Zino has removed the Image from his #IG so I guess he realized it was a bad look. Maybe Stevie J told him it was affecting the Brand… LoL!!!!!

Nevertheless, Heyyyyyy Thi Thi boo. I see you Gurl. Hit me, I need to spotlight you on the Radio Show! #NoFlexZone -TrueSlamBook



Really???? Does she still really get that Credit for that??? Weak Ass!!

So, you know I had to do it…… Media blew up yesterday with the story of how FORMER Destinys Child member Farrah Franklin was arrested in Myrtle Beach the morning of 07/20/14…. (Get the Full Story via: Straight From The A)

Farrah Mug 1


Now here is my piece! First of all she was in the group for 17.5 seconds and she left quicker than it took her to join! Why does she still get the privilege of being attached to the group name? Okay, on one hand she was a member! However, on the other hand, she wasn’t there long enough to do a Full Media Run! Mind You, she’s a Hoodratt and I think she does it for attention. Isn’t this the same bytch who was arrested a lil while back as well??? In case you forgot:

Farrah Mug 2

Like REALLY???? Clearly she’s lonely and a attention whore. She has no career! No Life! No Follow Up! No Chance! No Fallback! No Friends! And, No Class! Who behaves as such in Myrtle Beach with Football Players???? Babeeeeeee, let me hadda (yes hadda) been down there! It woulda been Football, Playball, Play with Balls, and any other kind of Ball I could get my hands on….. Yesssssssss Motha!

All in all, your girlfriend needs some guidance. Maybe she can do some hooks for some indie Artist and re-build a new Foundation….. Ooh, or call LaTavia and form a Duo entitled “We Back!” 

Whatever the case may be, stop allowing this ratchet to get the privilege of being attached to the Destinys Child name! Let’s refer to her as the former “Stand In of Destinys Past!!!!!”


Look Back: When Farrah had a Life


#MusicReview on “MajorLyric”

Now, Mind you! You already know we keeps it REAL. This is a first for us. Music group “Major Lyric” submitted themselves and stated they wanted to be Slammed!!!!! We asked if they were SURE??? The advised “Yes!”




Well, here it is! First off how do you expect for someone to take you serious when your artwork looks like PhotoShop for Dummies?” If the Visual isn’t in order are we really suppose to think you care about your produc?. And, don’t nobody be like “they may not have the money!” That is BULL because I have seen a lot of FREE Album Artwork that looks of Quality.

Secondly, What are you rapping about? I promise you every song sounded the same! It seemed like 1 Long ass TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Save Me!!!!!! The Beats aren’t Catchy. The Lyrics aren’t totally Clear. I get it erbody wants to be Twista but, damn can the clarity be there????

The first track “Do it Major” has a beat that is so simple it made me want to run away. What are you doing Major because by the looks of that art work you doing it Struggle not Major! The Lyrics….. Um, I forgot what you said just that quick so you know they hold no weight. Mind You! Why is there mad added effects and ad-lives???? There is a such thing as TOO MUCH!

The track “I Mean That” ummmmmm, it’s not even your. You’re just on it…… Don’t do that because now I gotta talk about how the track sounds like something that was submitted to Cash Money Hot Boys in 1996 and didn’t make the Record…… Ugh SAVE ME!!!!!!!!

The track “Shake” aggravates me because the beat sounds so Polyphonic like a Ringtone from 1996. Then the added sound effects lost me. Is this a song or a demo reel for sound effects.

The track entitled “Chevy” was almost okay until I realized it was 2014 and not 2004. I swear this 16 minute compilation was so annoying. I really just want my 16 minutes of life back!

Dear Artist: Tho the game is open for anyone, please come with some Originality and a Sound, Look, Brand that draws the end user in. Don’t be just making songs cuz ur lying ass friends told you you can rap or sing.

All in All this is a Slam FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Write, Re-Write, then Re-Write again. Once you finish that Throw it away because its a No Go…….. If I am FORCED to pick a Fav… Ummmmmmmm!!!!!! I think “Chevy” would get the Most Traction of all…..

Take a Listen for Yourself:

Mosuay Hitz & Royalities

I see you have a few Followers so someone likes it…….

So, She REALLY Think She can Come Back????? Gurl BYE!!!!!!

All I gotta say is this past weekend was Filled with So Much!!!!! This Submission had us All in Tears, so we had to share it with you. We all have been hearing the word on the beat about Female Emcee Remy Ma (Remy Ma Bio) Coming back to the Game upon her Upcoming Release from Jail!

Well this Video has come back to the Surface!!!!!!

Now tho this video is somewhat old, the post from the weekend is on a whole nother level!!!!! Check out what this IG page had to say:

Post from someones IG page that set the "Can she Come Back" convo into a Stir!
Post from someones IG page that set the “Can she Come Back” convo into a Stir!

Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, This is the whole TRUTH and Nothing but the TRUTH. Let’s state the Facts:

Remy Ma was Sentenced to 8 Years (Remy Ma Catch Up) which started in 2007. This puts us on Year 7 of 8. Since then, Nicki Minaj (Nicki on Twitter) has re-defined Female Rap for Pop Culture (to a degree), Lil Kim (Lil Kim on Twitter) is Still the Queen, Azealia Banks (Azealia on Twitter) is a In-Da-Streets Rap Phenom, Iggy Azaela (Iggy on Twitter) is beginning a new Campaign that is of a Mega Caliber and then there is Remy. With all this said can Remy hit the Studio upon Release?????

One thing for sure, two things for certain, Remy Ma has Bars and no one can take that away from her. However considering the drastic change in Pop Culture and Music overall in the time she has been gone leads one to wonder if she can make a come back. Let’s call a spade a spade, she looks a mess. Her style was never there. She is viewed as one of the homies. The crew she was with Terror Squad (Terror Squad Roster), where dey been? I mean No Shade but, Fat Joe den got Skinny! Cuban Link den missed a Link! Tony Sunshine den met the Moon! Triple Seis, Who? Huh? Ummmm, Yeah Exactly. And, DJ Khaled, I mean he got his whole “We Da Best Movement!” Oh yeah, Prospect and Armageddon, do they ever count? I mean, Really! There isn’t even nobody to ride off of unless Khaled decides to be Nice, which I doubt!

So how bout in all fairness, I went to the old Terror Squad website of which now Links you to Motown…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! You don’t even have a Domain Anymore….. To be nice I googled and came up with (Terror Squad Archive) which hasn’t been updated since 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Night! Good Day! No Way! And, Close Curtain! Baby, there is no current record of your Squad. The Domain Name is GONE and the last item dropped was in 2004. Not only is your Career an Archive so is all it was Attached to…… My advice, get out, ask Nicki for a Feature and see what Traction you can get from that….

Not to say She can’t Come Back! But it will Take DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Tyler Perry, Oprah, T.I, Iggy, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Justin Beiber, MTV, BET, TvOne, RevoltTV, Puffy Mike Will Made It, Beyonce’, Jay Z, Blue Ivy, North West, Kanye, and a Prayer of all Prayers for that Come Back to Pop Off!!!!!!! What do you Think?




"All is Fair in Love and Slam"

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