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@KeyshiaCole: Truth! Lies! Tea! And, Shade!

You all know we love us some Keyshia Cole. Her rawness and relatability is something that can’t be faked. She brings an element to the game that forces you to pay attention.

Recently, we have been receiving submissions asking us to drag the R&B Songstress and we don’t see a reason to. However, we will talk some words we have picked up during our weekend stay in Atlanta and more.

Let’s begin with the World of Social Media. It’s no secret that Keyshia is very close with her fans and uses Social Media as a way to reach them and let them know the Real from the Fake.

Recently, on Instagram the Compton native had this to say,

This message coming a few days after,

We are excited to hear that the Storytelling Songstress is back in the studio but we were shocked to see she was back making it shake in the Atl.

If you remember, Keyshia had relocated to the LA area a few years back and was rarely in Atl. She sold her Mansion in Alpharetta as well as the house she had purchased for Frankie & Neffie. One would assume the R&B Diva was going back to her Cali roots for good.

Chileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, as we begin to hear the whispers we started to listen in. Now, there is NO PROOF to any of this but according to the Atl Buzz, Keyshia is back for more that one reason.

They say that the visit will be a real EXTENDED one is she is relocating back to Atlanta as it is more ‘Cost Effective.’ Now we all know, Ms. K. Cole ain’t broke, but if you recall from her show she is wise with her investing. Atl living is easier on the pockets, especially now that she in INDEPENDENT and her last album sold a mere 45,000 Copies.

Point-of-no-return-keyshia-colePoint of No Return is the sixth studio album by Grammy-nominated R&B singer Keyshia Cole; it was released on October 7, 2014, by Interscope Records and served as Cole’s final album with the label. The album features production from various music producers including Tim Kelley of Tim & Bob, Mike Will Made It, DJ Mustard, WillieDonut, Amadeus, Stargate and features guest appearances by 2 Chainz, Juicy J, Gavyn Rhone, WaleAugust Alsina, Faith Evans and Future. The album has had unsuccessful sales, selling less than 45,000 copies and being Cole’s lowest selling album to date. (source: Wikipedia)

With that said, Atl would be a great move for the finance conscious Baller.

On another note, we hear they may be talks of yet another show. No word on the exact style or set-up of the possible show, but we would love to see the execution considering all the factors.

  1. Frankie is MIA
  2. Neffie hasn’t changed she just moved
  3. Elite Noel is now an emerging R&B Artist and word has it she is working with Keyshia’s EX-Manager, (Manny)
  4. Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson is Broke and out of the NBA
  5. Last but not least, Keyshia is back to doing her

Now keep in mind, as we were in Atl this weekend, it was a shocker to see that12909683_1148684938504560_5606973966098703825_oKeyshia hit the Circuit Saturday and had Prive’ filled to Capacity. Then, not more than 24 hours later,https://www.instagram.com/p/BDwY2bePiA0/

Elite Noel hit the Circuit with a Live Performance at Club Atl. According to the reviews, the R&B Newcomer not only killed the stage she went Acapella with NO FEAR.

View this post on Instagram

BAE live…..acapella!

A post shared by Elite Noel (@ielitenoel) on

We alllllllllllllllllllllllll know that Acapella isn’t everyone’s friend. However, TrueTea, Ms. Noel slayed them notes. It’s apparent that these R&B Artist’ betta get in Formation……. (cough)

So, how does it work with 2 Sisters who both sing in 1 City at the SAME DAMN TIME?????????? Chileeeeeeeeeee, we are already ready for the mess that #TeamKC and #TeamEN may try to conjure. One thing for sure though, we have seen from the shows that Elite Noel respects her big sis and KC loves her Family so any drama is void unless we see/hear it from them…..

On another tip, Keyshia can’t get a break. As she is gearing up for her new album. Spending time and possibly moving to Atlanta, all while realizing her sister has the Atl beat in rotation, she is forced to chin check nukkas in Twitterland…… Get into this Tea!

First off, no shade, true tea, who the fuck is Kafani????? We ain’t NEVER heard of this “Tell Me” track. Y’all know we hear it all and this trick just appeared spinning.

Ha. So, from 2011 until now, the song has received 18 Plays on YouTube. This makes us wonder, did they just wait for Keyshia to start on another album to “Re-Release” the track? Furthermore, the track appears to belong to someone name San Quinn, so why was Kafani so mad? And, again we ask. Who da fukk is Kafani??? Him and all 60,000 of his non-factor ass fans can have several.


Last but surely not least, Keyshia has put the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Rumors to SLEEP.

True Tea, we are glad it isn’t true. This show would do nothing for her career but make her a Non-Factor like the rest of the cast. Speaking of which……… We won’t go there, this is about KC.

All in all, Keyshia Cole is up to something, the question is what. She has Divorced Booby. Dismissed Bow Wow. Flew to Atlanta. Went back Blonde all while doing spot show dates…..

Thank God for show money because 45,000  albums sold damn sure isn’t providing the Chanel Rocking Diva sustainability.https://www.instagram.com/p/BDmUn3gIcF9/

Adele Serves in the Name!!!!!

Listen, the Bey-Hive is Upset Bytch. Mother Adele has slayed the charts and Beyoncé has Never.

Now, you know we live for us some Queen Bey but the stans have been going H A M on Social Media over Beyoncé vs. Adele.

Well, we know the numbers don’t lie.

Adele’s red-hot new album “25” sold a whopping 3.38 million copies in its first week — making it the first ever to sell more than 3 million copies in a single week since Nielsen Music began tracking album sales.

The critically acclaimed LP obliterated the previous record for most album sales in one week, which was held for nearly 15 years by *NSYNC after they sold more than 2.4 million copies of “No Strings Attached” in 2000.

Adele’s eye-popping output is particularly impressive considering no other album besides “No Strings Attached” has even sold more than 2 million copies in one week. In fact, only 20 albums have eclipsed the 1 million-sales plateau according to Nielsen, which tracks album sales every Friday through every Thursday.

The British singer’s latest album is already the largest selling album for all of 2015, surpassing Taylor Swift’s “1989,” which has sold 1.8 million copies since the turn of the calendar after dropping late last year.

The hot-selling “25” hit shelves on Friday, Nov. 20, and it had already sold more than 2.3 million copies as of the following Monday.

The hot-selling “25” hit shelves on Friday, Nov. 20, and it had already sold more than 2.3 million copies as of the following Monday.

“There isn’t anybody that I’ve talked to in the music business who hasn’t been astonished by these numbers,” Dave Bakula, an executive at Nielsen, told the Associated Press.

Fans were extremely eager for “25” to hit shelves, as it had been nearly five years since Adele released new music. Her previous album, “21,” has sold 11.2 million copies — the 10th most in American music history.

Adele’s enormous album sales have likely been influenced by her decision to not make “25” available on streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music, meaning fans needed to purchase the album to listen to it.

Last year, Swift also enjoyed considerable success for after pulling her music off Spotify, as her “1989” album sold 1.3 million in its first week.
Congrats to Adele. She #Slayed.

Iffy, I Mean Iggy Bye Bytch!

Dis Bytch Gotta GO!  

It started like this, T.I. stopped by Hot 97′s Ebro In the Morning, ostensibly to discuss his new EP DA’NIC, and his forthcoming tenth album, THE DIME TRAP. But his widely-circulated COMMENTS were about Iggy Azalea, the white, Australian rapper whom he helped ferry into hip-hop’s mainstream. After a 2014 that scored her multiple hits and a laundry list of awards show nominations, this year has been a letdown full of CANCELLED TOURS and FALSE STARTS on a sophomore album. Perhaps most troublingly to the Grand Hustle boss, she’s been constantly at war with other rappers on Twitter, repeatedly getting defensive when confronted with her whiteness. (Britney Spears also threw shots at Azalea when the latter complained about their collaboration, “Pretty Girls,” BRICKING.) Now, Iggy is taking to Twitter in an attempt to set the record straight:

  It remains to be seen how the matter of Azalea’s record contract and working relationship with T.I. is resolved.

Gurl shut da fukk up with you ungrateful ass.