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Street Execs vs. Bankroll Fresh Execs

#LongLiveBankRoll…….. Since the passing of Bank Roll Fresh that hashtag has been a trending topic. So many stories have been told. So many tribute songs. So many #LongLiveBank events and more.

As the rumor mill began to slow down and the memorial funds never came in, the immediate family members of Trentavious White break their silence.
 First, let’s revisit the story as it was told. Bankroll got into an argument while at Street Execs studio. Upon him beating the other party up the individual somehow got ahold of Bankrolls gun and began to run. This caused for a chase to breakout. At some point during the chase the individual turned around (inside of the Gated area) and began shooting at Mr. Fresh. According to police report, there were 50+ Shell Casings found. Only person to lose their life that night was Bankroll Fresh.

After the incident Bankrolls brother took to Instagram and stated that if ANY of the people who were on site that night would have helped him break up the fight, his brother would still be here. #PowerfulWords  With the family breaking their silence a lot of key players have been called out and some speculations have come to the surface. 

In no particular order, we here at TrueSlamBook.com give you the breakdown as it was presented to us during a closed door meeting.  

  • Bankroll Fresh was NOT signed to Street Execs. Street Execs was only the Marketing Company.   
  • As Street Execs proclaimed so much LOVE for Bankroll. They did NOT help pay for the Funeral. 
  • They have NOT called to check on the family. 
  • They have NOT asked if the kids need anything. 
  • Some find it funny that rapper 2Chainz got on a plane and departed Atlanta they day after the shooting of Bankroll.   
  • A lot of these alleged Tribute Events have been scams. According to the family:
  • The only person to gain full approval was Hot Boy Turk. 
  • The family approached Lil Bankhead of Streetz 94.5 not once but twice, once at the station and once at Blue Flame Lounge to let him know to stop attaching Babkrolls name to all these events on air as no one had permission and the events were unauthorized. 

It gets serious when the family began to breakdown those who truly were there for Bankroll Fresh and those who have just been using his name for notoriety.
 Allow us to make it clear. The family of Bankroll Fresh want it to be known that they will not stand for his name being used in vein. Furthermore, they are going to all unauthorized events and shutting them down.
 Tell us bookers, what are your thoughts? 

The Streetz are Talking about the Death of Bankroll Fresh

The “Ballin Like a Hot Boy” Superstar was def taking the industry by storm. As much as we hate to say this, but it is no surprise that a Hater chose to Hate and end the young rappers life early for no reason.

It was reported earlier today by Precise Earz online:

After Bankroll Fresh was murdered out side of Street Execs studio over the weekend, new claims have surfaced on the internet net alleging that Rapper No Plug Killed Bankroll Fresh. Sources have confirmed that Bankroll Fresh & No Plug did have a physical altercation which ultimately lead to Bankroll Fresh’s death.

“Well I just wanted to let you all know what exactly happened. The homicide was between street execs artist Skully (aka No Plug) and Bankrollfresh) . A fight took place in the studio and they ran off with bankroll’s gun . He chased them and when he got outside they started firing at him . There were soo many gun shells because both sides were firing shots outside.” – Instagram

We placed a phone call and here is what has us shocked. It was told that Bankroll Fresh whipped the shytt out of No Plug. Chile , the said by the time Bankroll was done, No Plug had to find a Plug. As the chase began it gets very grey as to the massacre of Bankroll Fresh.

If both sides was shooting, why is Bankroll the only one deceased?

If this was so random, why does it seem so well executed?

Why didn’t anyone help Bankrolls Brother?

If one nigga would have help me stop that fight my lil brother would still be here 😭😭😭👌👌💯💯💯

A photo posted by streetmoney (@streetmoneycnote10) on Mar 6, 2016 at 11:37am PST

Street Money C-Note let it be known, all someone had to do was help him and his brother would still be alive.

This is why no one has a Studio in the Atlanta anymore. Most are now on the outskirts of the city, according to a #TSB Insider. It has been said that the studios that have been in the Atlanta Metro area are targets for violence.

Our condolences go out to the family of Bankroll Fresh, we had the pleasure to meet him once and he was so humble and full of life. He was a young man on a mission. A mission of Greatness.

On another note, who snitched on No Plug???

No Plug