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Are you a Made Woman or Made Girl

Another day and another Bytch tryna steal a dollar. In recent social media stir-fry, Xscape Singer LaTocha Scott announced her new “Made Girl” Collection will be dropping during this year’s Essence Festival! She’s a designer now? Oh, Ard!

This ruffled some fan feathers after last week Made Woman CEO and Wife of Original Hot Boy Turk, Emani da Made Woman dropped her “Made Woman” Collection in stores.

According to sources close to the Made Woman camp, Emani has had her Made Woman wear in existence since 2008. Furthermore, the brand has been being pushed heavily by herself, Turk, and some of her supporters this past year as she revamped the collection.

Asking around just to be sure! No one heard of a “Made Girl” until 3 weeks ago. Also, how can you be considered a “Made Girl” at 57? Doesn’t that make you a “Made Nana?” Or, is she just a #MadGirl.

Nonetheless, we leave it to you.

Yeezy vs. Blue Ivy

As bad as we tried to stay away from this monkey business, we just had to drop our two cents. 

For those who missed it, recently during his tour, Kanye West decided to have a Confession Session. According to the Tea, Ye told the crowd “Our kids have never even played together” — referring to North West and Blue Ivy.

Let the church say Amend as we get into this. 

  1. Beyoncé is the mother of Blue Ivy
  2. Kim K is the mother to North West
  3. Beyoncé is on Tour and has Blue with her most of the time
  4. Kim has no real schedule when compared to the Queen

With all that said, please tell us how the fuck the girls are suppose to play together when they are rarely in the same city. Furthermore, it’s no secret that Bey and Kim aren’t Ace Boom Cooms, so why would one expect them to go out of their way for play dates? Chile Bye! Also, Bey protects her daughter like she protects herself so this means no hanging with Thotties.

Please help us understand why Kanye decided to take his frustrations to the children???? Is it us or, is it not easy to understand why the children haven’t played together yet???? Bey had Blue, rested for 6 weeks then went back on tour! Kim had North West, rested for 6 weeks then went back to taking selfies. 

No shade to Kim but we know that she is a Social Media based Beauty and Fashion Celeb. This allows her to do her thing while Bey runs a Company, Tour and Designs Clothes. 

Let’s get into the back story:

According to Kanye, the rumored joint album between he and Drake didn’t happen because of his involvement with Jay Z’s Tidal.

“Y’all ain’t get what y’all was suppose to get with me and Drake because of some Tidal/Apple [Music] bulls–t,” West said. “This s–t got me tight, yo! Every time I perform [‘N—– in Paris’], I think about this s–t. I think about the politics and the bulls–t. I think about how hard I go for music, for art, for y’all, the fans. How hard we go.”

“It went into some Tidal/Apple political s–t about percentage on songs,” West said. “I can’t take this s–t, bro! Our kids have never even played together.”

Yeezy also revealed that Jay called him after Kim Kardashian West’s Paris robbery, but felt Jay should have visited him in person “like brothers,” rather than call on the phone.

With all that said, we have one question for Yeezy……….

Young Dolph vs. Yo Gotti

We will start by making it clear that we have NO PROOF on ANY of these advisories. This is strictly an “According to Legend” type of Post. Now no shade, you know Legend be sippin and spillin that Special Brew Dark Blend with Jasmine Blends Tea.

Young Dolph took to Instagram and clapped back at Yo Gotti!
As you can see from his post it’s going down in more than just the DM.
image Here is where it gets iffy! It’s no secret that Gotti is the King of Memphis. Recently, it has been alleged that he is also King of the South and doesn’t like people making too much noise in his territory.

In the past two days, Young Dolph has been on a music release spree. 9 hours ago, The Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Prince Mobs Around New York City in Latest Visual From King of Memphis Album:

Which lead to rave reviews. See for yourself,

“Young Dolph has cultivated that formula that makes the bando jump” – XXL

“What makes Dolph exemplary is his affinity for memorable hooks and catchy call-and-response punch lines” – Complex

One of the 9 Rappers You Need to Watch In 2015 – WatchLoud

One of the 15 Unsigned Rappers Who Should Get a Deal After SXSW – Complex

Top 10 Hip-Hop Cash Prince of 2016 – Forbes

As if that wasn’t enough, 24 hours ago, Young Dolph – “Let Me See It” (Prod. by Mike WiLL Made-It) hit the Internet and showcases the rapper Shouting Out His Favorite Strip Clubs Across the Country.

After 2 video releases and the album title bring “King of Memphis” you know something was going to shake.

However, just when you thought Young Dolph was going to ride it out and enjoy the success of his 2 video releases, he gets booked to SHUT DOWN SXSW:

Thursday, March 17th 12:30am – Young Dolph at Krave, 302 E 6th St (Webster Hall/Lose Control Present House Party)

Friday, March 18th 10:35pm – Austin Music Hall, 208 Nueces St (Bankroll Fresh Tribute Show presented by Beer & Tacos and Street Execs)

Saturday, March 19st 2:00am – Ibiza After Dark, 422 Congress Ave (EMPIRE/Beer & Tacos)

Oh yeah. It’s not a game. 3 Nights. But not just that. The 3 Hottest Nights on the Hottest Stages. We see why one would be mad. #WJS

In any case, with all the recent attention that Young Dolph has been drumming up its being said that Gotti is feeling a certain kind of way.

Flashback: you remember recently Gotti hit the road and made his docu-series. It was said that the expectation was that by the end of the tour Gotti would have dominated the Season.

Back to Reality: the tour was what it was. Gotti is still loved by many. However, when Younh Dolph ever sat at home and dropped 2 videos while he was still sleep and booked the 3 hottest stages at SXSW we know the hate was soon to come.

The truth of the matter is if you ain’t got no haters you ain’t Poppin. LoL! No but serious, we expect the hate from Young Thug. Not an OG like Yo Gotti.

Slambookers, we need you all to sound off and talk to us.

  1. Is Gotti hating?
  2. Is this a Media stunt?
  3. Can Dolph take the crown?

The Legend: Coko of SWV vs. The KNOT: K. Michael


Now listen, we all know that here at TrueSlamBook we keep it 100. It’s no secret that recently on the BET Awards Tamar Braxton and K. Michael joined Patti LaBelle for a performance. Babeeeeeeeeeeee! The read is, Tamar came out looking like Champagne Cola on Coke. K. Michael started out doing a Burlesque Class then went in back and got ready for the Inaugural Ball with that UGLY Olive Green dress on. Now, as if that wasn’t enough, the Notes were all WRONG…. Chile, had Mother Patti not come out when she did the performance would have been a PURE T BUST.

Meanwhile in Twitterville, the fans were very vocal of their disappointment with the performance. Of course it’s only fitting that they reach out to a Legend to save the day. This is where it gets good. Follow me, Legendary Bad Bich Cheryl ‘Coko’ Clemons of SWV was on Twitter and hear the cries of her fans. Being the interactive celebrity that she is she decided to do a few RTs and provide a few “LoL” emoji’s. In case you missed it, it looked a little something like this:

@Only1Coko RT @Undefined_CHELE: And I love K Michelle but know your damn range and limit… If you not KeKe or @Only1Coko don’t sing that song. Except in the shower”

 Haaaaaaaaaa My Lord!!!!! where is or Patti or If Only You Knew” 

Jun 28  wowwww I was just think the same exact thinggggg

 Where’s ?!?! I can’t with these notes!! Jesus!!”

You get the point. Coko is at home minding her saved business and the fans are reaching out for assistance. Meanwhile in KNOTville, K. Michael Tweets,

 Coko but they didn’t ask you or your chopped teeth to perform. Your at home. Stop trying it. Love wins”

Followed by,

K. Michelle @kmichelle I’m sorry I’m cracking jokes, I’m drinking”

Sooooooooooooooooooooo, she’s buck. Now we all know in the Game of Fame you NEVER come for a Legend. Babeeeeeee, when I tell you Coko shut it down in the most astut manner. She simply tweeted,

I am Coko! @Only1Coko Anywho, time to pack! Back on the road tomorrow!!
Yes GAWD Legendary Tees. You betta come thru serving her 23 years and counting. While she 23 months and trying to hold on! Now you know it wouldn’t stop there. I head over to Instagram to post my pics from the BET Awards and Babeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The Tee got Real:

It was at this moment that the game had to change.

Funny how a Song Title can fit a Situation YEARS Later!!!!!!

Why is K. Mess up here acting like she forgot her mouth use to look like how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Furthermore, she looked like she was going to bust out of that olive green monstrosity she called a dress with all that pumped body. Chile, please. Never come for the one who made your dreams possible. Don’t make me call Memph……. I digress…….. One thing to remember, Coko ain;t been SAVED all her LIFE…… She Reads for FILTH………

On another note, Did you see Lil Kim Slay the Stage????? Legends Always WIN…..