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Grammys 2017: The Beyonce, Adele, and Chance The Rapper Takeover

This is not for the meek. We are going to keep it all the way real and go all the way in. Brace yourself as this will be a session of Grammy Truth 101.

  1. The Grammys were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too LONG!
  2. Paris Jackson looked so Basic
  3. Adele STORMED the night  with her wins but left her singing voice in the Limo
  4. Beyonce’ was Utter Slayage
  5. Bruno Mars KILLED the Prince tribute
  6. Chance The Rapper was on a whole nother Level
  7. Solange looked amazing for her 37 seconds of airtime
  8. Katy Perry was Awesome
  9. J. Lo is a Sex Goddess and her dress was oh so perfect on her
  10. Jason Derulo looked like he was at a Ski Resort
  11. John Leged was awesome
  12. Neil Diamond still has it
  13. Faith Hill looked so Beautiful

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get down to Business.

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy looked so cute in their evening attire. It has been said that Blue Ivy was channeling her inner Prince with the Gucci effect.

Everyone on our timeline was waiting for Beyonce to hit the stage. In all honesty, all we remember prior to that is Chance the Rapper winning a lot of awards (Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance). LoL!


When Beyonce hit the stage a lot of fans were confused by her effect. Some were praising the Goddess look and others were wanting her to try again. While scrolling down twitter we found the following explanation for the effect and thought it was interesting enough to share.


Now, on to the effect:

What are your thoughts on the effect Queen-Yonce gave???

As we move to the main awards for the night, at least in our opinion.

  • Album Of The Year- Adele
  • Song of the Year- Adele
  • Record of the Year- Adele

Chileeeeeeee, when this came out the Bey-Hive went into a stir. No shade to Adele, “Hello” was an amazing song and “25” was a dope album, however, “Lemonade” SLAYED for the Music GODZZZZZ and was the Talk of Pop Culture for months. Fans felt Bey was shaded by the Grammy Panel. Take a look at the reaction from Gabrielle Union after the Adele streak:


Your Thoughts????

Furthermore, some interesting facts were dropped on twitter last night. Not that everything is race driven, however, this breakdown made us wonder:



Though Rihanna took home no awards, the Navy showed out with their support for her outfit. No shade, the top was cute, but the skirt could have stayed on the table she pulled it off of.

We love us some Ri-Ri, but the skirt is def on our No Go list.

In any case, we didn’t see Kelly Rowland but thanks to Solange we got to see her at the after party. Haaaaaaaaay Kelly!

All in all, the Grammys were way too long for no reason at all. Congrats to all the Winners and those who received Nominations. And, in honor of the award giving, our Favorite Pics of the Night Award goes to……….

What are your thoughts on the 2017 Grammys? Good, Bad, or Indifferent.

Trevis Romell is Making us Wettt (Again)

First off he is fine as fuck, then he comes with music like this. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. Who let this light done right step to the mic?


R&B Phenom, Trevis Romell is back with his new single entitled “Till The Morning.” More than just a song, this lust driven, party pushing, almost made me make a baby music is just what we need for the Holiday Season. This is the kind of song that make you wanna be a Ho, Ho, Ho! LoL

Press Play and get into this #TSB Approved Release:

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Bey-O-Ween Fashion Slays!!!

After many Post, Tweets and More, we have chosen our Halloween Favorites: 

Which is your Favorite??????

Yeezy vs. Blue Ivy

As bad as we tried to stay away from this monkey business, we just had to drop our two cents. 

For those who missed it, recently during his tour, Kanye West decided to have a Confession Session. According to the Tea, Ye told the crowd “Our kids have never even played together” — referring to North West and Blue Ivy.

Let the church say Amend as we get into this. 

  1. Beyoncé is the mother of Blue Ivy
  2. Kim K is the mother to North West
  3. Beyoncé is on Tour and has Blue with her most of the time
  4. Kim has no real schedule when compared to the Queen

With all that said, please tell us how the fuck the girls are suppose to play together when they are rarely in the same city. Furthermore, it’s no secret that Bey and Kim aren’t Ace Boom Cooms, so why would one expect them to go out of their way for play dates? Chile Bye! Also, Bey protects her daughter like she protects herself so this means no hanging with Thotties.

Please help us understand why Kanye decided to take his frustrations to the children???? Is it us or, is it not easy to understand why the children haven’t played together yet???? Bey had Blue, rested for 6 weeks then went back on tour! Kim had North West, rested for 6 weeks then went back to taking selfies. 

No shade to Kim but we know that she is a Social Media based Beauty and Fashion Celeb. This allows her to do her thing while Bey runs a Company, Tour and Designs Clothes. 

Let’s get into the back story:

According to Kanye, the rumored joint album between he and Drake didn’t happen because of his involvement with Jay Z’s Tidal.

“Y’all ain’t get what y’all was suppose to get with me and Drake because of some Tidal/Apple [Music] bulls–t,” West said. “This s–t got me tight, yo! Every time I perform [‘N—– in Paris’], I think about this s–t. I think about the politics and the bulls–t. I think about how hard I go for music, for art, for y’all, the fans. How hard we go.”

“It went into some Tidal/Apple political s–t about percentage on songs,” West said. “I can’t take this s–t, bro! Our kids have never even played together.”

Yeezy also revealed that Jay called him after Kim Kardashian West’s Paris robbery, but felt Jay should have visited him in person “like brothers,” rather than call on the phone.

With all that said, we have one question for Yeezy……….

Bishh…. From Roadway to Runway, She a Hoe

Listen……………………… When we check our emails, we are use to being surprised by what we see……. The truth is nothing surprises us anymore. However, this good Special Brew, Lemon Enhanced, Blueberry Infused Iced Tea right here ………………… Nothing could prepare you for this….

Being in and out of the Atlanta area we are always meeting new artist, models, talent, and liars. A few years back we met a young lady and her music was popping. She was starting to get a buzz and we just knew we would be seeing her on some award shows within the next 24 months.

Fast Forward to recently, artist Zoey Clarke has hit the Media and babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, they called this diva out…. Now, last we heard from her she had dropped a project entitled “Runway Reloaded” and no shade chile, we was rocking.


Well chile, I guess them 643 views weren’t paying the bills cuz now they tryna say she selling cookies from her personal cookie jar.

Catch what was sent in:

image (1) image Screenshot_2015-04-25-13-42-11 Screenshot_2015-04-25-13-42-21

Bishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, on her track “The Story of a Girl” she tells you her daddy didn’t love her so much…. Could that have lead to this???

Now, No Shade… You know we here at True Slam Book tell it like it is……. Here it goes!!!!!

  • According to Zoey Clarkes fat publicist who don’t know what the fukk she’s doing, this is fake. It was a scandal started by a hater a few years back.. Bytch, if Zoey don’t fire the shytt out of her 1. For saying that and 2. For not putting an end to this shytt…. What type of Publicist is she?????
  • Zoey Clarke betta own it, bytch if you are the Absolute Best then you betta make it do what it do. Serveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  • $150.00 an Hour….. Bytch them must be 60 minutes in Heaven.
  • Zoey ain’t got no Body  so no shade, but the interns said they would do $1.37 an hour.
  • Why she look scared in that Mug Shot? Not with them Edges. Bytch you Gangsta.
  • Someone said she was Born a Man, bytch place an order and tell me what you learn.
  • Who is Kahryn Bih?

All in all, we love us some Zoey rather she on the Runway or the Hoe Stroll. She is still our EDM friend…. By the way, what this bytch been up to since 2014?


Adele Serves in the Name!!!!!

Listen, the Bey-Hive is Upset Bytch. Mother Adele has slayed the charts and Beyoncé has Never.

Now, you know we live for us some Queen Bey but the stans have been going H A M on Social Media over Beyoncé vs. Adele.

Well, we know the numbers don’t lie.

Adele’s red-hot new album “25” sold a whopping 3.38 million copies in its first week — making it the first ever to sell more than 3 million copies in a single week since Nielsen Music began tracking album sales.

The critically acclaimed LP obliterated the previous record for most album sales in one week, which was held for nearly 15 years by *NSYNC after they sold more than 2.4 million copies of “No Strings Attached” in 2000.

Adele’s eye-popping output is particularly impressive considering no other album besides “No Strings Attached” has even sold more than 2 million copies in one week. In fact, only 20 albums have eclipsed the 1 million-sales plateau according to Nielsen, which tracks album sales every Friday through every Thursday.

The British singer’s latest album is already the largest selling album for all of 2015, surpassing Taylor Swift’s “1989,” which has sold 1.8 million copies since the turn of the calendar after dropping late last year.

The hot-selling “25” hit shelves on Friday, Nov. 20, and it had already sold more than 2.3 million copies as of the following Monday.

The hot-selling “25” hit shelves on Friday, Nov. 20, and it had already sold more than 2.3 million copies as of the following Monday.

“There isn’t anybody that I’ve talked to in the music business who hasn’t been astonished by these numbers,” Dave Bakula, an executive at Nielsen, told the Associated Press.

Fans were extremely eager for “25” to hit shelves, as it had been nearly five years since Adele released new music. Her previous album, “21,” has sold 11.2 million copies — the 10th most in American music history.

Adele’s enormous album sales have likely been influenced by her decision to not make “25” available on streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music, meaning fans needed to purchase the album to listen to it.

Last year, Swift also enjoyed considerable success for after pulling her music off Spotify, as her “1989” album sold 1.3 million in its first week.
Congrats to Adele. She #Slayed.