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Barry Manilow invades Chicago

It has been confirmed. Barry is bringing his “This Is My Town” concert to Chicago’s Allstate Arena on Wednesday, May 17th.Exclusive Fan Club tickets will go on sale Tomorrow at 10 am PST. 

Fans get first dibs. The fan club only sells the top price tickets at $249.75 and $289.75. Regular ticket prices starting at $19.75 will be available from TicketMaster early next week. PLATINUM and FRONT ROW tickets will also be available.

 To purchase your fan club tickets please call 424.298.4818 or go Online

‘Bryan-Michael Cox Presents, The Revival Atl’ 08/14/16 #TSB Review

Back on the scene, the TrueSlamBook team attended The Revival Atl: Ladies Edition, which also happened to be their 1 Year Anniversary.

Presented by Bryan Michael Cox, The Revival Atl is known for showcasing the brightest in

Bryan-Michael Cox

R&B each month.

Bryan-Michael Cox, Record producer: is an American record producer and songwriter who is notable for his extensive work with multiple platinum-selling artists including Usher, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and Toni Braxton. (source: Wikipedia)

Associated acts: R. Kelly, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Sean Combs, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Amerie, Usher, to name a few.

Genres: Contemporary R&B, Hip hop music

Now that we have all the formalities out of the way we can get to the breakdown of the night. We will begin by saying, if you have a favorite artist from the night, you may not want to read any further. We plan, to tell the Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth so help us Gawd!.

 Upon arrival, we were provided with the line-up for the night. Dri Jack, Vina Mills, Bobbi Storm, Tiffany Evans. Naturally, when thinking of a line up we remembered the old saying;

“Whoever is first may be the worse, the ones in-between choose to be seen. No matter what is done, there can only be one so save the best for last!”

With that in mind, let the TRUTH Begin:

Dri JackDri Jack: This young lady is unknown to the TSB family. We all asked each other who she was and no one knew. However, she had the crowd going crazy. Her beauty is undeniable and her vocals are present. She gave a very clean show with no added extras. She presented a very enjoyable and interactive personality. She engaged the audience a lot and really set the tone for an evening of music. Overall for Dri Jack: Styling 10/10. Hair 10/10. Beat 10/10. Vocals 6.79/10.

Vina Mills: We have seen Vina Mills hit the stage many times. As always Vina puts on a Vina Millsshow. Her one-woman show is very hype and the intensity is contagious. She had the added effect of having her infamous “V” on her mic stand. It gave very Super Woman/Power Puff Girl Teas. He hair was Slayed, Layed, and Prayed into a Miracle. She had 3 fans and was giving you the Storm from X-Men effect. Her attire was annoying and someone beside us actually asked their friend if she was pregnant… Oop! If she is it must be a secret. I think it was just how the front of the bathing suit she had on was made. Overall for Vina Mills: Styling 2/10. Hair 10/10. Beat 1/10. Vocals VOID. It’s no secret that Vina is a studio singer.

Bobbi StormBobbi Storm: This young lady is another artist we were introduced to for the first time last night. Her Blonde hair stands out even in a crowd and makes you wonder who she is. Her show was absolutely amazing. Her vocals, her presentation, her crowd interaction and her song selection all set her up to be our break-out artist of the night. After performing an original piece, she did “Rise Up” by Andra Day. Take it from us, we know this song is NOT for the weak and nonvocalized. However, Ms. Bobbi Storm slayed this song so hard in the name of werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk almighty. Her vocals were crisp, impeccable, stellar and most of all, she did the song total justice. She ended her set with an upbeat rock meets pop meets blues meets funk type of song and she had the crowd rocking. The song, her performance, her energy, it was all or nothing for her and it was truly a pleasing set. Overall for Bobbi Storm: Styling 7/10. Hair 10/10. Beat She gave us Natural Teas and is Naturally Pretty. Vocals 10/10. Just so you know, she is on our radar for Next to Blow if she keeps it up.

TiffEvansTiffany Evans: Tiffany ended the night as one would expect. As an already established singer with a mainstream fan base, it only makes sense that she close out the night. Before she hit the stage her band set up and you could tell by the seriousness on their face’s that you were in for a show. She opened up with some of her new music, took us to the throwback of ‘Promise Ring’ came back to the new music, hit us with a Beyonce’ cover of ‘Speechless’ and naturally ended with more of her originals. To say she gave anything less that an amazing show would be a lie. The crowd was engaged the entire time. It was easy to tell that her base was in the house and they were holding it down for their Ms. Evans. Her outfit was annoying as she had on this robe effect which covered the cuteness of her jeans, it was just all wrong. Her hair was there and she was rocking it. Her face gave you a light natural beat and her personality was on 1000. Tiffany Evans not only shut the night down, she shut the stage down. Overall for Tiffany Evans: Styling 3/10. Hair 7.5/10. Beat 10/10. Vocals 10/10. See Tiffany’s LIVE Performance via Facebook Live.

On another note, you know you can’t have an event without a host. Mylah Music, Co-Creator of The Revival Atl was also the host. She was upbeat and fun throughout the night and knew how to keep the crowd engaged. However, she continued to reference how Tipsy she was and how she was sippin on her Hennessey, which is very unbecoming for a lady but a host as well. Furthermore, whoever styled her needs to be shot, fired, delivered, baptized, and resurrected to be shot again. She had on Lamp Shade Panta and a bathing suit tucked it. Ugh! The Fashion Gawdz were in total anger mode at her outfit. Now, she has a body sculpted for the Gawdz and a Smile that lights up a room, unfortunately, last night the outfit was too much out of tune to enjoy her charisma and natural beauty.

All in all, it was an awesome night. Kudos to The Revival Atl for another successful event. Many Congrats on the 1 Year Anniversary. We wish them many more years of great events, great talent, and great memories.

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Can someone save this Lineup, Pleeze??

Listen. When we ever came across this one. We all sat silent for a moment trying to figure out HOW IN THE HELL this happened. 

Get Ready to add this up and tell us what you get:

1 Legend + 1 Great + 1 Random =

According to the Flyer, here’s the breakdown:




Now understand our logic. Jaheim is a vocal Legend. His voice and songs have transcended generations. Vivian Green has a voice that can soothe any moment. Her vocal range is in tact and her executions are infactuatimg. Keyshia Cole sounds like the cat stuck under the back deck in the rain during a Fall cold front near Lake Michigan. Her vocal range is void and her executions are that of a congested person with the flu. No shade now, she serves you Style, Face, and Body. However, who’s bright idea was it to put her on a stage with these two?

We need to call the promoter because adding her just fucked up the whole grown and sexy vibe that the event was giving off. She hasn’t even sold enough albums to qualify to share a stage with them. 

Jaheim’s debut album, Ghetto Love (2001) and sophomore album, Still Ghetto (2002), both reached RIAA platinum status. Boom! His 2006’s Ghetto Classics was #1 on Billboard 200, Gold status, and sold over 153,000 copies in its first week. Throughout his successful career, Jaheim has sold over 5 million records worldwide. 

Vivian, “A Love Story,” certified RIAA Gold and sold over US: 531,00. “Vivian” 225,000. “Beautiful” 22,061 Independent in the US. “The Green Room,” 14,001 US sales. “Vivid” (2015) sold 1,951 in the US. No shade Bytch it’s time for Vivian to take a Nap. But still the girl got VOCALS. 

Now, giving props where props are due. Keyshia’s first 2 albums sold in the Millions. Her 3rd album sold 322,000 week one which was her highest ever. Album 6 which is the latest album sold 46,000 copies in total. Now, be real. It would be one thing if the Bytch had pipes. Then we could let it slide. However, 46,000 sales after 2 years and she sound like a she got a cold, asthma, and, a runny nose……. No thank you Key Key. You can stay ur ass home and gargle on some WD-40. You dress ur ass off tho. 

Can we replace her with Jazzmine Sullivan or Fantasia? 
Bookers, tell us what you think.