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Kanye is now Jim Jones

Here we go again with the Chronicles of Narnia….. We mean Yeazy!!!! According to the tea pot, Yeezy checked himself into a hospital last night (November 21) as Jim Jones. The name is fitting as we know Jim is crazy as a bed bug. #NoShade

Lawenforcementt sources tell TMZ, the call came in as a male with mental illness. Dr. Michael Farzam said his patient’s name was “Jim Jones, 39 years old, 5’8″, 175 lbs … suffers from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.” According to the police report the doctor told cops he had placed Kanye on a 5150 psychiatric hold and wanted him taken to UCLA Medical Center. There’s an issue over whether the doctor actually placed Kanye on a 5150. (TMZ)

In any case, here’s what Jim had to say:


Are you here for the foolery with Kanye and Jim???? #Soundoff

Felixx ‘Crazy’ #TSB Review

R&B sensation Felixx is back with his new track entitled, “Crazy.” With the recent release of the video directed by Anthony Kalel, we get a glimpse into the mind of the artist.

It’s no secret that we here at TrueSlamBook are fans of Felixx, he has grown up in the past few years but still has that baby face. The vocals represented in this video are nothing short of amazing. His soft tones and killer inflections make for an enjoyable track. His sex appeal combined with the beauty of the main girl allows for one to be able to pay attention to the entire video without eyesores.

Crazy as a song is one that we all can relate to. Being CRAZY over that one person is something that the masses as a whole have experienced. With a song such as this, there is no reason Felixx can’t make a wave. With over 6k views in under a month, we are sure this is going to be another success for the R&B phenom

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