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Juvenile and Mystikal on Tour

Listen! No Shade! Butttttttttttt….. Wassup with the Hood Uncle Tour? On top of that it’s titled “If It Ain’t Live” Tour. Ummmmmm, what is going to be Live? Juvenile is 117 and Mystikal betta not be trying to have a Bytch “Shake It Fast” before he hurts his back. Ha!

In any case, for those who might wanna go see Uncle Juve and Uncle Mysti!

New Orleans natives and hip-hop heavy hitters take the stage for an explosive show. (Or, so they say!)

Juvenile and MystikalJuvenile brings a big selection of hits to the stage, including his anthem “Back That Azz Up,” club banger “Ha” and the his No. 1 Billboard hit “Slow Motion.” Multi-platinum selling artist Mystikal performs such iconic tracks as “Danger,” “Shake it Fast,” and “Feel Right”.

Mystikal – Multi-platinum, 3x Grammy nominee Mystikal is back with his signature gruff sound and headed straight to the top of the charts. Let’s Get Ready was released in 2000 and contained “Danger (Been So Long)”, which featured rising pop star Nivea, and was the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs number-one single in June 2001. Let’s Get Ready debuted at Number One on the Billboard 200.

Juvenile – New Orleans-based gangsta rapper Juvenile was born Terius Gray. After beginning his performing career in his teens, he released a 1995 album on Warlock titled Being Myself. He eventually crossed paths with Cash Money label owners Ronald “Suga Slim” and Brian “Baby” Williams, who issued 1996’s Solja Rags; the album became a major underground hit and set the stage for the release of 1998’s 400 Degreez. In 1999, with Juvenile’s popularity growing, Solja Rags was reissued nationally, and Warlock jumped on the bandwagon with a remixed version of Being Myself. The year ended with the release of a new studio effort, Tha G-Code, followed by Project English two years later in 2001. In 2002 he left Cash Money and formed his own collective, the UTP Playas (Uptown Project Playas), with whom he recorded a posse album, The Compilation. The album went nowhere and a year later he was back on Cash Money and releasing Juve the Great, which featured the chart-topping hit “Slow Motion.” The 2005 “Noila Clap” single from the UTP Playas was another big track, and Juvenile was ready once again to shop for a new label. As he was signing a new contract with Asylum, his Slidell, Louisiana home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane and its grim aftermath were hot topics on his chart-topping 2006 album Reality Check. His next two albums — Cocky & Confident (2009) and Beast Mode (2010) — featured much lighter material. In 2011 he released Rejuvenation, an album primarily produced by Mannie Fresh.

Impulse Atlanta Presents: GLOW

What is GLOW?

GLOW is Impulse Group Atlanta’s 4th-year Anniversary Party.  It is sure to spice things up…a little sensual play….a twisted side of advocacy….GLOW….


You are encouraged to wear something colorful,
No cover charge to enter,
Free parking,
Complimentary drinks,
But keep it cute, it’s an elevated night.
See ya on March 18th!!


Westside Cultural Arts Center

760 10th Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30318


The Fake Industry

Here we go again with the Wannabes, Aintgonnabes, and the Wishabes! We already know that the world of Reality Television is overpopulated. Well, just when we thought we had seen it all when it comes to the Lives of the Lying and Rented we get an email.

Tonight in Atlanta, a few of our Atlanta Slammers attended an event tonight. This event was for “The Industry.” (Cough)Upon doing some research, here’s what we could figure.

 Over a year ago, a group of people got together and began recording and posting as “The Industry.” What Industry you ask? Well so did we and we got no real answer. We called a few of our insiders to inquire as to who these individuals were and what made them “The Industry.” All truth, No Shade, NO ONE was able to tell us. Everyone laughed and let it be known that it’s another case of the wannabes.

From 62 weeks ago to:


Up to Tonight’s Event:

According to those who attended:

  • The venue was small and cute
  • There were no heavy-hitters in the building
  • The cast member who sang live can’t sing and should give it up. 
  • The Curvy Cast member is the best looking and best dressed of them all. 
  • The VIP area was just some chairs randomly placed somewhere. 
  • The cover was $10 (according to the word in Atl, most events AF this caliber are FREE!)

Listen, kudos to those who take charge of their careers. However, can we just say this is an example of how NOT to do it. 

If you know who this cast is, please comment and let it be known. #TSB

Partying the @MetroBoyz Way via @iAmBigDino

Yesterday the team was in Atlanta. While in the city we went to the Day Party Powered by the iconic MetroBoyz Ent. Anyone who knows the MetroBoyz Brand, you know that Dino is a Legend and his brand is nothing to be fucked with.

2_328072157l_400x400A MetroBoyz party is less Party and more of an Experience. From the Celebs, to the Ballers, the Shot Callers, the Models, the THoTs and of course, the amazing Networking Opportunities.

With that said, yesterday’s event was held at the BEAUTIFUL Varasano’s Pizza on Level 2 of the Perimeter Mall near Dillard’s.VarasanoOnce you get past the breathtaking atmosphere you realize that the event was crowded. This is where it gets interesting. The room was almost broken into sections.

The Newcomers: The newcomers were those who aren’t familiar with the MetroBoyz brand as you could tell they were in awe by all that they seen. This group sat close to the door and didn’t move at all. LoL!

The Team: Those who roll with the MetroBoyz were more towards the middle in the plush chill area. This area allowed you to see the entire space and grab a waiter or waitress at any point in time. Not to mention it was close to the Bar. Ha! You know who like to drink by where they sit.

The Regulars: This is the crowd that is accustomed to the MetroBoyz events and ten to attend more than a few a year. However, though they have money, style, and swagger, they aren’t a part of “The Team.” This is the area where you knew there was money in the pockets and the sneaker game was no less that $200.00 a pop. You would notice that all the single ladies who were on the prowl seemed to conjure in this area, #ThirstyMuch.

The Industry Insiders: There is a front patio area that overlooks the main area. It is a GORGEOUS view especially after the sun goes down. There are only about 7 chairs out there and standing room for about 8 people. This is where the video cameras and networking of the minds were taking place. The traffic of this area was consistent with only about 3-5 main people who stayed, everyone else made their way across the patio and them back inside. I guess who know who got next based on the patio captains. LoL

With that said, Bihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let’s get into the No’s and Hell No’s of the Night!

  1. When we walked up there was a lady sitting out front with Purple Goddess Twist looking like her feet hurt and side eyeing everyone. Umm, Hell No! Lady go inside and hide looking like you ready to go but for some reason was forced to stay.
  2. The Waitress had Grey Bundles from the Lesser than Good Quality pack and an attitude to match. Clearly she worked for the establishment, however, when you are lucky enough to work a MetroBoyz event, you betta act like you are happy to be there. She gets a Hell No.
  3. The Pizza and Wings were AMAZING. The food was perfectly seasoned and the portions were perfect. However, why in the hell did it take 96 minutes for the food to come? Bytch, we could have churned our own cheese and kneaded our own dough in that time. We understand quality takes time, but shytt. That gets a No for the Night.
  4. From the time we sat down until the time a waitress said “Hi” to us there was a 42-minute delay. The establishment appeared to be understaffed for the traffic that was there. ***Note to Venue, DO NOT book a MetroBoyz event and have a Skeleton Crew staff…*** This was a HELL NO for the Night.
  5. The Busser was a young black male with a smile to die for. You could tell he was enjoying the event and his mannerisms were so professional. He needs to be switched to a waiter. Oh yeah, did we mention he was FINE???? Chile, off the record, some of the interns didn’t want to leave so they could keep looking at him. Ha. He gets a HELL YES for the Night.

Overall we give the:

Event a 10 out of 10

Venue a 10 out of 10

Venue Staff a 2 out of 10

Food a 10 out of 10

Crowd a 10 out of 10

If you are free on Sunday’s, make sure you check it out.

#BigDino #Celebs #OutAndAbout #Papparazzi #YouJustNeverKnow #MetroBoyz https://t.co/43lpjFmwwk #quotes #truths pic.twitter.com/2a7SaZ08eC


Event Lies, Cries and Goodbyes

Okay, Bytch, now you know we here at TrueSlamBook vow to tell it like it is. Sometimes, things get emailed to us that really make us take a step back and say “Bish Whet!”

Backstory: Last time we were in Atlanta was for the BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend. As always we mingled amongst the key players and got to know who does what. With that said, we must get into this post.

Join Pedro@youngkingsempire March 11th @8pm for the premiere of Pedros World Webisode Series..Pedro will be premiering the 1st and 2nd episode that will showcase his 16th Birthday Party with special guest Domani Harris from Family Hustle and his experiences meeting with some of the most influential leaders in the music industry in Miami for Labor Day Weekend. Pedro will also be doing a special tribute in honor of Legendary Dj Big Kap you dont want to miss!
#pedrosworld #pedro #youngkingsempire

Location: Paragon Studios
548 Northside Drive SW Atlanta GA 30310

Red Carpet Interviews by @tampamystic

Special Invited Guest @iammissmulatto

Event Hosted by @iamsharbates

Wardrobe/Stylist @mas_apparel
Press/Media/Sponsors Contact: PR Agent@qneverlena

  1. Someone, please tell Pedro to cut his hair. All that hardwork his mother outs into him and he lookin like BooShaLayLay just because.492be9c1faff1f602d80c8750dda1945
  2. Who is letting Tampa Mystic host their Red Carpet? Furthermore, when she start doing Red Carpets? No Shade now, you want a Release Party, Call Tampa. You want a Open Mic Host, Call Tampa. You want some Desert Storm Radio Spins, Call Tampa. But, bytch, when they start calling Tampa Mystic for Red Carpets? They need to change it to  Laminate and that will be better.
  3. How Shar Bates end up hosting? Lemme find out her and Tampa then switched roles. Last we seen Shar, she was the Red Carpet Slayer… Bytch, she betta Slay that Mic that Night for Perdo.
  4. Who da fuck put Queen Helene as ANYTHING??? Chileeeeeeeeeeee, that brick face lying ass gal. She been an intern since 1984 and now she is the poing of contact. No Shade tho, I guess she coming up because we found this on Craigslist:

1. Find and post up-to-date sports news on QEBVlog.TV
2. Create teasers that accompany the stories and will get people to go to the website
3. Uphold the QEB brand through writing style

This is a volunteer internship opportunity but there is a chance to earn an income based on performance and work ethic.

Must have an attractive brand, good verbal & written skills. computer access, reliable transportation, and very active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Compensation: 10% Commission to $1,000/m Salary.

Thank-you for your time,

Qn. Everlena Brown (QEB)
Office: show contact info
2025 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

Executive Producer
QEB / QEB Foundation
Twitter: qneverlena
Instagram: qneverlena

Bytchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lemme find out the intern is hiring staff and giving out commission based salaries… Werkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…. However, why must they have so many qualifications that she lacks???? *Sip Bytch*


Just for this, we are flying to Atlanta for this event. This is going to be a Ki!!!!!! An event full of Lies making us Laugh til we Cry until we finally say Goodbye….