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#BlackGaySlay takes Twitter

As the world turns and we are forced to see so much hatred, racism, and political mayhem it was refreshing Lastnight to get a ray of happiness. #BlackGaySlay became one of the top trending topics Lastnight and we were here for all it had to offer. 

Searching the hashtag we received a timeline filled with beauty, self love, admiration, appreciation, and best of all support. Take a look below to see a few of the teams handpicked favs. There were so many we loved we suggest you head to Twitter and search #BlackGaySlay to see all it has to offer. Nevertheless, here’s a few:

If applicable, show is your #BlackGaySlay!

Stevie J. and The Gay Sextape **Explicit Content**

We tried to stay out of this hoopla of rumors but it has taken on a life of its own. Fist things first, we HAVE seen the video. All 00:00:22 seconds of the leak. The video is NOT Stevie J. whosoever proclaimed it to be him should be slapped. 
On another note, we recently caught up with an inside source because we wanted to know how Stevie was reacting to the matter. Sources tell us that Stevie laughed at it as he knew no such video existed so he was never worried. Furthermore, in all honesty the guy in the video looks NOTHING like the notorious hit maker. This was a true definition of Hoopla. 

Below you can see the porn star known as Knockout who was actually in the video. Granted they may look somewhat alike if you squint your eyes and turn your head real quick side to side, however, they are not close enough for mistaken identity. Stevie J. looks like a Rat and Knockout looks like a Yorkie. 

Do you think they look alike?

However, they both are packing that meat.  

Stevie J’s alleged Dick Pic


What’s your take?’

Ray-J gets Put On Blast…. Gay and Slay!!!!!

Bih….. The Tea began to boil over in the pot. When that happened they attempted to get a wrag and clean it up. However, you know there’s always a trace left when it comes to the world of the World WIDE Web.

The other day the below post was posted and then removed within a 10 minute time span. Get into the post before we give you the crumpets to go with this tea.

1 2 3

Hunniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, if that isn’t the Entire Kettle. Whew…. Now, We ain’t one to talk about nobody but based on the individuals we have called… (cough, cough)


First off: I’m mad he got turned out bad during the Never Say Never days. I guess he felt like Never Say Never.

Second: Based on perception, the money would have been put on Young Buck being the TOP. However, we do know that these Fake Thugs do be bottoming for the Gurlssssss…. Just ask Shauna Brooks about those teas……


Third: Who else has Teaira been a beard for?

Fourth: Not Pleasure P….. We still wanna grind with him.. Ooh chile…

Fifth: Can we see the Gay Extasy footage? Was it as good as the Kim K. tape??? Cuz you know Ray J got MEAT for the LYFE…….

Last but not least……. Why did this post get deleted from IG????????

Is Hakeem Gay or Nah????? YESSSSSSSSSSS


Over the weekend there was so much Tea that took place. The one that of course took us by storm was the one about ole FINE ass Yazzzzzzzzzzzz from Empire aka Hakeem.

Okay, according to Media Take Out:

CHILE . . Look Who Was Photo’d UP IN THE GAY CLUB IN ATLANTA Yesterday . . . Chile We Knew When We FIRST SAW HIM On Empire . . . There Was A Lil TWANG TO HIM!!!

Yazz, a.k.a. Hakeem from Empire, was up in a popular Atlanta Gay Club last night. He was put ON BLAST by cross-dressing Instagram star Donth8tae. Cant say we’re all that surprised.

We suspected it all along. . . .

BTW – this is the dude that he was with in the club.


Now #NoShade, this lil boy is Fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and I can def see him being Yaz’s type. I just wanna know. Based on what we see of Hakeem, who’s the Bottom or are the both Verse?????

On another note, I need to see the pictures of him and Yaz in the club. I heard they exist so I need to see them LIVE and DIRECT……


Yusuf Mack Admits to being Gay!!!!

Yusaf Mack continues to come clean about his sexuality. Today, the Philadelphia Boxer continues his press run and tells Philadelphia Fox 29’s that he’s not bi-sexual, but gay. Guuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllll, here she go!

As previously reported, Mack made headlines when a porn by DawgPoundUSA (My Favs) featured him with two other men in a ole nasty come get this take it now type of video. When the story leaked, Mack claimed that he was heterosexual and was drugged, unaware that he had been intimate with the men. He later stated that he was bi-sexual and had plans to write a book about his experience.

Fast forward to the present day and he has revealed to Fox 29 interview, that his initial account of the shoot was “all a lie.” #GurlBye


Has @FreefallSeries Fallen???? The kids are speaking OUT!!!!!!!

For those whom may not be too caught up on YouTube TV let me catch you up!

Band of Artist also known as BOA present themselves as follows:  “BAND of ARTISTS is a filmmaking collective made up of three “brothers in art” and based in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta. BOA believes in providing EDGY, DIVERSE and COMPELLING content for film, television and the web while seeking to be a resource and inspiration to artists new and old who are committed to defying the odds and creating their own artistic revolution.”

These brothers gave the Youtube world “Freefall” the Series!

4This series is about some boys, who are gay, and something or another.  I don’t know, here’s how they classify it: “For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined, by their sexuality. Follow as they are lured into the dark side of Atlanta’s street life.” More recently with the introduction of Season: 2 they state:

6“The hit crime drama series is back! Season 2 has the guys coping with new acquaintances, changing relationships and retribution from past decisions. Reality is distorted and salvation is a fairy tale. This time its do or die.”

Now, I will admit:

5Season 1 was cute or whatever! The Eye Candy was Pleasing. The Story was Juicy. And, the Scandal was the TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eye Candy
Eye Candy

I don’t know what happened with Season 2 but, Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it has LOST it! The Eye Candy is still there, but the story is a bore. I tell you no lie, I was KNOCKED out in the name watching the last episode. Between the stay in Miami and the New Elements, they have not only lost their CORE but they lost their niche for what drew the viewers.

I wasn’t going to say anything but when the Comments went to the heights of ALL heights, I had to speak now or forever hold my non-peace!

Free FallI am no more good. All I know is No Shade to BOA or Freefall but can I get the Original Ingredients back???? Please remove this current recipe……

Now, in TrueSlamBook Tradition! Here’s your Eye Candy: