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Birdman Wiles The Breakfast Club

In case you missed it this morning, please get into it.

Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, can we get into this???? The team has talked and here is what we have to say.

  1. Why Birdman being a THUG at 98 Years Old?
  2. Did he really need 23 Goons with him?
  3. Charlamagne bad skin having ass was scared.
  4. DJ Envy was on chill mode and ready to laugh.
  5. Angela Yee acted like she was really excited for this late ass interview.The_Breakfast_Club
  6. Bird just did this to amplify his already late upcoming album.
  7. Who was his boo thing standing to his left??? He was cute tho.
  8. Why did he even have a seat if he knew he was bout to leave? Was it suppose to add to the drama?
  9. Who the fukkkkkkk cares if he mad?
  10. We wanna see him try this on Hot Boy Turk, Trick Daddy, or Rozay.

The moral of the story is………..

Dear Birdman, you are not a thug. The way in which you presented yourself today was that of a late ass coon. You fail to realize that no one cares about you. You use others to keep you relevant. Though you may have a CHECK that’s bout all you got. You so BOLD, pay Turk, Wayne, Rozay and ERBODY else what you owe them.

We feel for you. We feel that you need for attention has become desperation. You are a Lame. Have a seat and bring Jacquees to the front with his FINE ass.


As we come to a close, Birdman, we just have one question…… You Mad Bro???

Damnnnn, Lil Wayne sets it Straight!

We ALL know, The Hot Boys haven’t been Hot for a while. However, the members have been able to remain in the light. Some more than others but it worked.

With the recent release of Hot Boy Turk from an almost 9 year bid, you may recall he took some shots at Baby and Cash Money. Turk, who is one of the Original Hot Boys and New Orleans native slightly shed light on the corruption, shade and unpaid contracts. The Hip Hop World was enraged by this and some attempted to turn on Turk. Most called him un-loyal and a trader and refused to believe the stories he expressed. Even though HE lived it and they watched from the at TV.

Well bitches, 2 years later another Original Hot Boy named Lil Weezie hit Social Media and spilt the TEA. Yesterday, he started with Twitter:


In support of the Truth, Turk took to his Instagram to support his brother:


Turk took the high road and let Wayne know he supported him. After all the BULLSHYTT they put Turk through and Slander thrown upon his name. He still was on that #RNS and kept it Real. Turks Fans on the other hand were livid towards Wayne during his time of realization.


These comments had us in TEARS. Turks fans do not play. HaHa, sorry Weezie. #NotSorry

As if the moment of Truth yesterday wasn’t enough. Wayne takes to Instagram this morning with the same story.





Now that we have kept it factorial, here is the TrueSlamBook.com take on it.

Wayne owes Turk an apology for making it seem as if he was lying or mad. I guess that’s why Turk fired shots on his recent release #YouMadYet! Come to think of it, Wayne wanna have a moment of realization now, how convent.

Is it US or is it Ironic that so soon after Turk drops “You Mad Yet” Weezie has a moment of Realization? Furthermore, does Juveniles trading ass feel any kind of way??? Where u at Juve? How you feeling now? Knowing you signed a contract with a Wankster. LoL! But, I forgot. Word on the Street is u suspect anyway. You chose Royalty over Loyalty. Worst part of it all is, you didn’t even get no real money. With yo non rapping old ass. You sold your soul for a 2-Piece and a Biscuit. You could of at least got a 8-piece bucket with 4 sides and a drink. We digress.

Many fans felt that Waynes Twitter may have been hacked yesterday. Some even wondered if it was a publicity stunt. I doubt it. Turk told it first. Mystikal told it second. Wayne is telling it third. Three times is truly a charm. I guess Wayne took a break from all the Lean and trying to suppress his hurt from betrayal and decided to begin to try and heal. Hmmm, is it too late?

So, now I wanna know: Is Young Thug gonna be Babys new Rap Husband???? I meannnnnnnnn, No Shade boo. Get ur money. Ya’ll like selling yalls soul to the Devil Anyway. At least Baby just takes your Life, Royalities, Credits, and Dignity. #Oop

Meanwhile, in No Man Land Virginia. After his recent feud with Weezie, rapper Pusha-T hit Twitter making a Mockery of the matter:

Tell us TrueSlamBook.com framily, what do you think of this matter? Real? Publicity Stunt? Hack? Hurt?