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Turnt Up Tour with Chingy, Ying Yang Twins, and Petey Pablo

Let’s be real! With Chingy, Ying Yang Twins, and Petey Pablo can this really be considered a Turn Up tour? Can they even Turn Up for real, for real anymore? LoL! However, for the 80’s babies on the team, we will be right Thurr!

According to the tour release:

ChingyYing Yang Twins, and Petey Pablo have the nostalgia 2000’s hits that will get the crowd TURNT! Chingy is back and is truly ” One Call Away”, So tell your top 8 on Myspace and message your besties on AIM. This is the ultimate package to relive the 2000’s and get TURNT again!

Oop! They betta say it with the MySpace and AIM reference. We’re about to pull out or Nokia phones and Motorolla 2-Way Pagers to get the crew ready. LoL

It’s been 15 years since Chingy turnt up the planet with his debut album “Jackpot” ft singles “Right Thurr,” “Holidae In,” and “One Call Away” (released July 2003). Let 2018 be the year we celebrate all things turnt with a revisit to the songs that made us all party our asses off at the turn of the century!  Paired up with The Ying Yang Twins hit, “Salt Shaker” and Petey Pablo’s “Freek-A- Leek”, This Package is TURNT!

TURNT UP TOUR – Chingy, Ying Yang Twins, and Petey Pablo

Dates to be released soon…. Will you be in attendance?

The Grandfather Tour

Listen, I don’t mean any harm. I love me some 90s Music. I feel the 90s was an era of REAL MUSIC and music had such a magnetic feel to it. However, I must admit, sometimes you gotta know when Enough is Enough. 

For Example,


Who the fuck let Petey Pablo and Sisqo hit the Road together? Now, first off, Petey ain’t had a song since wifebeaters (the shirt) and bandanas were in. Second, I know Dru Up a Hill is back together and all but Sisqo ain’t been Sisqo since Jean Suits went out of style. 

Keep in mind, all this is taking place on Ginuwines Tour! Now, what Pony he still riding? And, is he still so Anxious? I hope not. It’s been so long the Pony is a Mule and his Anxiety is now Panic Attacks. Let it Go. 

Then the icing on the cake tho. 


Gurrrrrrrrrrl, don’t this look like your uncles at the Family Reunion after a few beers and they all go in the basement…… Furthermore, Bytch is Petey wearing 4 Chainz??? (Bruh)

No Shade. We love us some Ginuwine, Sisqo and Petey Pablo. However, they all look like they need a good nap and a update. 

Make sure you follow Ginuwine on IG to find out when “Grandfathers United” will be in a city near you. 😵