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Ellesse Unveil Q4 AW17 Mens Heritage Collection

Inspired by their Italian roots, ellesse Q4 AW17 Mens Heritage collection revives retro sporting style with a contemporary edge.

Tricot marl brings character to this season’s capsule collection. Embracing an autumnal colour palette, the range features rich burgundy and deep navy hues to deliver warmth this winter.

The star of the season – the embossed knit full tracksuit – embodies the focus of texture seen throughout the collection to create a unique addiction to any seasonal wardrobe.



About ellesse

ellesse is an Italian sports apparel company founded in 1959 by tailor Leonardo Servadio. The brand is known for combining functional sportswear and casual street-style, breaking the boundaries between fashion and sport. Synonymous with ellesse’ tennis and skiwear foundations, a number of sports celebrities have previously endorsed the brand, such as Chris Evert, Boris Becker & Anna Kournikova. Currently, the brand sponsors are tennis star Cameron Norrie, Fitness guru Lucy Mecklenburgh and has recently partnered with music artist Anne-Marie to promote the ladies’ heritage collection.

Bata Heritage releases their AW17 Footwear Collection

Bata Heritage releases AW17 Footwear collection in their 3 key styles, Bullet, Tennis and Hot Shots.

Bata Heritage’s Bullet Shoes, famously worn by basketballer Magic Johnson, offer a range of rich autumnal colours such a burgundy, khaki, dark blues, mustard, orange, greys and black. Also available in leather as well as the classic canvas and rubber combination.

The AW17 classic Tennis style trainer, originally from India is also available in a range of colours for winter. The star of the AW17 Collection is the relaunch of Bata’s Hot Shot’s, a favourite of Rock legend Kurt Cobain, in khaki, navy and blue with contrasting logos.


Grammys 2017: The Beyonce, Adele, and Chance The Rapper Takeover

This is not for the meek. We are going to keep it all the way real and go all the way in. Brace yourself as this will be a session of Grammy Truth 101.

  1. The Grammys were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too LONG!
  2. Paris Jackson looked so Basic
  3. Adele STORMED the night  with her wins but left her singing voice in the Limo
  4. Beyonce’ was Utter Slayage
  5. Bruno Mars KILLED the Prince tribute
  6. Chance The Rapper was on a whole nother Level
  7. Solange looked amazing for her 37 seconds of airtime
  8. Katy Perry was Awesome
  9. J. Lo is a Sex Goddess and her dress was oh so perfect on her
  10. Jason Derulo looked like he was at a Ski Resort
  11. John Leged was awesome
  12. Neil Diamond still has it
  13. Faith Hill looked so Beautiful

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get down to Business.

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy looked so cute in their evening attire. It has been said that Blue Ivy was channeling her inner Prince with the Gucci effect.

Everyone on our timeline was waiting for Beyonce to hit the stage. In all honesty, all we remember prior to that is Chance the Rapper winning a lot of awards (Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance). LoL!


When Beyonce hit the stage a lot of fans were confused by her effect. Some were praising the Goddess look and others were wanting her to try again. While scrolling down twitter we found the following explanation for the effect and thought it was interesting enough to share.


Now, on to the effect:

What are your thoughts on the effect Queen-Yonce gave???

As we move to the main awards for the night, at least in our opinion.

  • Album Of The Year- Adele
  • Song of the Year- Adele
  • Record of the Year- Adele

Chileeeeeeee, when this came out the Bey-Hive went into a stir. No shade to Adele, “Hello” was an amazing song and “25” was a dope album, however, “Lemonade” SLAYED for the Music GODZZZZZ and was the Talk of Pop Culture for months. Fans felt Bey was shaded by the Grammy Panel. Take a look at the reaction from Gabrielle Union after the Adele streak:


Your Thoughts????

Furthermore, some interesting facts were dropped on twitter last night. Not that everything is race driven, however, this breakdown made us wonder:



Though Rihanna took home no awards, the Navy showed out with their support for her outfit. No shade, the top was cute, but the skirt could have stayed on the table she pulled it off of.

We love us some Ri-Ri, but the skirt is def on our No Go list.

In any case, we didn’t see Kelly Rowland but thanks to Solange we got to see her at the after party. Haaaaaaaaay Kelly!

All in all, the Grammys were way too long for no reason at all. Congrats to all the Winners and those who received Nominations. And, in honor of the award giving, our Favorite Pics of the Night Award goes to……….

What are your thoughts on the 2017 Grammys? Good, Bad, or Indifferent.

TSBS Yearbook Time

I swear, the things we get in our Inbox makes us really look at eachother like, #Bruh.

As we were wrapping up for the night we received a picture. The email was blank and there was no subject or anything. Upon review of the image all we could think about was Yearbook Picture Day.  Of course, with every good Yearbook, there is a Great Slam Book.

Get into this breakdown from Left to Right as we talk Yearbook Review 2016.

  1. Who let her take this picture with her blue coral reef ass earrings?
    1. Why is she the only one with a dress on giving the effects of outreach in the community.450
    2. Furthermore, who authorized her shaggy poodle weave?
    3. Is it me or is she giving you chea pet commercial Realness?
  2. Why didn’t get friends tell her she needed a bang? That 5 head so long it looks like her hair is sliding off as she stands there.
  3. When did she join the team?
    1. She must have skipped her hair appointment.
    2. Who told her that that piece of a bang to the right was enticing?
    3. Furthermore, is it us or does this girl have on Ash Wash jeans? Can someone please guide her to 2016? Let her know it IS okay to stay up to date with trends.
  4. Who told Shar Bates that the gold zippers were a good accent to her bland outfit?
    1. Furthermore, what purpose does the mic serve? Clearly this isn’t an on the scene pic. Please drop the mic and exit stage left. 18583016
    2. Who told her she had to be sexy with her mid-section showing?  For her to be a Red Carpet slayer she serving Green Room Secrets.
  5. Light Bright looks cute.
    1. We hate her office hair du but she is cute.
  6. What the fuck does Alien vs. Predator have on?
    1. The red shoestrings for hair look horrible.
    2. m_52670a76b532135dd60a234dHer jeans look dingy and she looks sleepy.
    3. Is them jeans by Osh Kosh B’gosh
  7. Last on the list is Rocky vs. Bullwinkle!
    1. She looks a travesty.
    2. Her hair was styled for the after skool pep rally.
    3. She must didn’t know it was picture day.
    4. She thought it was  a regular day. images

As if that wasn’t enough. Why someone on the team had the NERVE to find this:


Bytchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… If somebody don’t call Hootie and tell him to come get his Blowfish, NOW….

  1. Why are they crunched behind Shar Bates like they are a part of the out crowd trying to be in?
  2. Why couldn’t the photographer photoshop Chia Pets roll?
  3. Why is Shar Bates dressed like Little House on a Black Prarie?
  4. Who let the last girl on the right put on that En Vogue 1994 ass Hold On To Your Love looking Dress like she was smashing?
  5. Pleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzze, can we have a moment of silence for Shar Bates and that Re-Pass Hat…… Amen!

Whoooo. It’s no hiding that Shar Bates got it going on in the Atl, we are starting to see her name on everything. I hope someone tells her to let freedom ring and let her house maids go. She can keep light skin and the one who needs a bang. Them other ones……..

basic bitch